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Can Dogs Eat Pork? Here’s Why The Answer Is Both Yes And No

can dogs eat pork

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Many of us love eating pork. Because let’s face it – pork is delicious. But can dog lovers and owners like me and you share our love for pork to our furry friends? Can dogs eat pork or not?

Many people genuinely believe that feeding your dogs with pork is a no-no. Many vets also claim that putting pork products on your dog’s feeding bowl is a terrible idea, while others say it’s okay. However, if it’s true that such meat is not suitable for dogs, why are some dog food companies offering pork-based dog food?

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Before we can answer “can dogs eat pork?” it’s important to note that pork itself is not bad for our canine friends. There are indeed several numbers of pork product you should never feed your dogs. However, like all good things, there are also some dog foods you shouldn’t attempt giving to your dog.

In this article, we will discuss what gave pork a bad name, what types of pork can dogs consume, and how to decide which pork you can give to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pork? Why The Answer Is Often A “No.”

There are lots of pork products that can be unhealthy for both dogs and humans. Take, for example, unhealthy pork products such as pig’s ears. This treat contains high levels of fat. Like all good and yummy treats, anything that is too much can be bad for you and your dog’s health. Other examples include an all-time-favorite which is bacon.

To answer the question “can dogs eat pork,” the simple answer is no. However, feeding your dog too much pork products that are high in fat can cause your dog to get sick. 

When dog owners started giving in to their dog’s love for pork, this led to dogs falling sick. This is the reason why people started thinking that pork is bad for our canine friends. Other reasons why pork can be bad for dogs is the meat is poorly harvested pork meat, raw and even undercooked pork can cause some problems. 

It’s true that pork is one of the most-harvested and consumed meats in the world. However, it is because of this very reason that sometimes, those who harvest pork products fail to do it correctly. When the meat is not collected the right way, was eaten raw or not cooked thoroughly, it can lead parasites to multiply. This, in turn, can affect the consumer’s health. 

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Pork?

There are dog owners who like feeding their dogs with frozen pork. Doing this the right way is the best way to prevent these pesky parasites from multiplying. 

When it comes to pork, make sure to freeze it for weeks before feeding it to your dog or cooking it. The minimum number of weeks to freeze the pork is three weeks.

How About Pork Bones?

Can dogs eat pork bones? The answer can be a yes and no. Much like any other type of bones, pork bones can break thanks to your dog’s powerful jaws. The tiny pork bones can cause your dog to choke. If not, the small shards of bones can cause internal injury, which is also bad news. This is one of the reasons why don’t recommend feeding dogs with pork bones.

If your dog enjoys nipping on pork bones, it would be best to feed them raw pork bones. Uncooked pork bones are less likely to break, reducing the risk of choking and internal injury.

Many owners feed their dogs with pork bones because they believe that it helps make their dog’s poop smelly. Other do this to aid with their dog’s oral hygiene. Because dogs love chewing, giving them pork bones leads to more chewing, which is beneficial to your dog’s teeth. However, since bones can be hard and the tiny shards can also cause problems, it is better to give them a dog chew toys or a dental chew style treat.

If you’re feeding your dog with pork bones, make sure to keep the following in mind.

  • Give them time to enjoy chewing on the bone, but with a limit to prevent them from breaking it
  • Make sure they can eat the bone by limiting the size of the bone
  • It’s best to stick to raw pork bones

Is Pork-based Dog Food Good Or Bad For Your Dog? 

That’s right. There are dog food manufacturers that supply dog food with pork. However, it is essential to note that these companies use pork only after defattening it. This means they are using lean pork meat, making it a better and healthier version of pork.

Can Dogs Eat Pork That I Hand-picked And Cooked Myself? 

If what you meant is feeding your dog with lean pork meat such as tenderloin instead of bacon, then yes, you can definitely feed them this. However, remember that to keep them happy and healthy, a balanced diet and exercise is the key.

If you’re not fond of feeding your dog with uncooked meat, then make sure to dehydrate it first before cooking it by skipping the oil.

Is There Such Thing As Pork Allergy In Dogs?

Dogs can be allergic to pork. If you find your dog looking unwell or exhibiting unusual symptoms after feeding them pork, make sure to consult your local vet.

The Takeaway

Can dogs eat pork? Generally, pork is okay for dogs, but it comes with conditions. For one, make sure to prepare the pork before serving correctly. Pork products such as tenderloins are the best as these have lesser fat in them. When it comes to pork bones, it’s best to serve them uncooked.

If your dog likes his pork raw, freeze the meat for at least three weeks before serving. When cooking pork, skip the oil and dehydrate it before cooking. When feeding your dog with pork-based dog food, check the label to check the fat content. Also, if you suspect your dog is allergic to pork, refrain from giving them this and ask your local vet for advice.