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Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Here’s What You Need To Know

can dogs eat pickles

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While not everyone likes eating pickles, there are those who love these crispy and crunchy treats. If you’re a dog lover who enjoys eating pickles, would you share this to your dog? But the even bigger question is, can dogs eat pickles?

All dog owners can relate to the following scenario. You were hanging out with your favorite dog in the world. Everything is okay, and you were having a great time. Your turn your back from your dog for just a few, measly seconds to do something. You head back to your dog, only to realize they ate something you’re not sure is safe for them.

Sounds familiar? It’s because most, if not all dog owners, already experienced this. That feeling you get when this happens is not one you’ll want to feel. Why? Because dog lovers and owners alike only want the best for their dog.

We may wish we can give them a share of all things we love eating, but we know that not all things we love eating are not suitable for them. Not everything we enjoy is safe for them. This is why most dog owners are mindful on any food they put on their feeding bowl.

Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

There are human foods that are safe for your dogs to eat.  Other foods can cause side effects, while others can be deadly to our canine friends. But where do pickles belong? Can dogs eat pickles or not?

Here are some things to consider before we answer the question as to “can dogs eat pickles?”

What are pickles?

Generally, pickles are vegetables that are not toxic to our canine friends. However, these are cucumbers soaked in a salt-brine solution with a combination of vinegar and assorted spices. It only means pickles have a high sodium content. Some are zesty, while others can be hotter than the rest.    

How we cook pickles

There are meal ingredients that are also not good for dogs. Take onions, for example. Onions are toxic to dogs as this can cause damage to red blood cells. Such condition is can Heinz body anemia.

If you ever fed or your dog accidentally ate anything with onions, watch for signs of hemolytic anemia or Heinz body anemia. This is usually characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, and dark-colored urine. In extreme cases, your dog will require a blood transfusion. So can dogs eat pickles cooked with onions? The answer is no.

Another ingredient often used when cooking is sodium. Like in humans, our canine friends need some level of salt to balance the fluids in their bodies. However, too much salt can lead to complications. In the worst case scenario, it can even lead to death.

So can dogs eat pickles cooked with sodium? It best to skip giving them that slice of pickles to be safe. Why? Because when you check on your dog’s favorite dog food, it already contains near 100% of their daily sodium intake.

Type of pickles

Pickles may not be the best and healthiest food to feed your dogs. It would be better to skip giving them pickles intentionally. For one, they don’t need that extra salt. Two, anything eaten in large amounts can be harmful to your canine buddy.

Dill pickles are often the main topic when people ask their vet if dogs can eat pickles. Dogs can eat dill from time to time as this herb contains antioxidants. To be safe and to save your dog from experiencing an upset stomach, it’s best to just give them the dill and skip the pickle. You can even try adding this herb to your dog’s meal to reap its benefits.

Hot-and-spicy pickles have chili and hot spices. These can be harsh on your dog’s stomach. If they do ingest such type of pickle and they experience vomiting and diarrhea, it’s best to take them to the vet asap.

Bread-and-butter pickles have a distinct taste and are often cooked with garlic and onion. Such ingredients are the types of food one shouldn’t feed to dogs.

What are the best reasons to limit pickles in your dog’s diet?

While your dog needs sodium on their diet, they can get the right amount of sodium with their dog food alone. It is essential that we only give our dogs a balanced diet to keep them strong and healthy. Not only that – the right balance of protein and calories can help give them more energy and an even better coat.

Pickles are indeed low in calories. These contain vitamins and minerals needed to keep a healthy canine body. However, the negative aspects outweigh some of the health benefits pickles can offer to dogs.

For dogs with underlying medical conditions, it’s best to skip giving your dogs pickles as the high-sodium content can cause an even bigger problem. It can cause too much sodium in the blood, a condition called hypernatremia. Ingesting large amounts of foods high in sodium in a short period of time can lead to stomach upset, excessive thirst, loss of balance, confusion, and even seizures.

But if you can’t resist saying no to your dog when it comes to pickles…

If you really must share your pickles to your dog, then let is be a sweet pickle. Cut it up in small pieces, and make sure to only give it to your dog in small amounts to minimize any potential damage.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat pickles? Dogs can eat pickles in small amounts from time to time. It’s okay if they eat a slice or two on some occasions, like when they steal a slice while you’re out for a picnic. Never treat pickles as your dog’s everyday treat.

If you want a healthy snack for your dog, opt for plain cucumbers instead. These offer the same nutritional benefits minus the harmful ingredients. Make sure to consult your local vet first and to slowly introduce cucumbers (or any food to your dog for that matter) before including anything to your dog’s diet.