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Black German Shepherd Facts: Black GSDs Are The Real Deal

Black German Shepherd

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When it comes to Black GSDs, many think of it as a myth while others assume that it is a German Shepherd defect. The reality is that Black German Shepherd Dogs are definitely real, and are not a result of the breed’s defect. 

These gorgeous canines have the same majestic silhouette and fluffy coat of a regular German Shepherd dog. What makes them stand out is their striking black-colored coat. How it achieved its color is a compelling tale to tell.

Black German Shepherds As Mythical Creatures

German Shepherds are an intelligent working breed that originated in Germany way back in 1899. They are known for their uniform appearance. This is the very reason why when the Black GSD variant came along, many thought of it as a just a myth or legend. Others, on the other hand, even mistake a Black German Shepherd as a new breed.

But one thing is for sure – a Black German Shepherd is a pure GSD. They are one of the unique solid-colored GSDs who graced us with their mesmerizingly unique black coat. Other German Shepherds are in solid shades of White, Silver and even Blue. This only goes to show that GSDs doesn’t only come in sable colors.

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Black GSDs are Real German Shepherds

Many think of Black GSDs as a separate breed. Even though they have the same recognizable traits that are common in German Shepherd dogs, the black color often confuses the public. They have the same erect ears, broad, muscular built, are heavy shredders and have the same fluffy tail as the regular GSDs we’ve come to love. However, they come in solid, black colors, can be larger, have straighter backs and longer, flowing manes.

When born, Black German Sheperd puppies are already in pure black color. Unlike other colored-GSDs, they don’t change in color as they mature. If you want to own a beautiful Black GSD, get one once it reaches eight weeks. This is usually the time when a GSD’s true coat color shows up.

Why Black German Shepherds Exists?

While it’s not quite polite to ask why such gorgeous canines exist, many are asking why Blacks GSDs have such shiny black coats. These uniquely shaded GSDs owes its impressively black-colored coat thanks to two gene components – the pattern gene and the color gene.

Pattern genes are responsible for creating secondary colors. The color gene, on the other hand, produces the shade of the coat. For most German Shepherds, the black color is the recessive gene that lives in the shadow of different colors. 

For a Black German Shepherd, the black shade is the dominant one. This means the pattern gene is still existent. It just so happens that in Black GSDs, it is the recessive gene, causing the pattern to match the rest of the fur in a solid black color. 

If a Black GSD happens to meet with a White GSD or any GSD that has the black gene, the offspring can be a solid Black GSD. As long as both parents have the recessive gene, they can produce 

How Much Does It Cost To Bring A Black German Shepherd Home?

One buy Standard GSDs from a reputable breeder for as low as $300 a pup. For this uniquely-colored GSD, you can expect to spend between $800 to $1,000. It may not cost as much as the off-colored variants of other dog breeds, but they cost significantly higher than your regular sable-colored German Shepherd Dogs.

Since Black GSDs have a unique, solid black color, you’re paying a higher price to bring one home. Be careful when buying a black German Shepherd as there are breeders who will offer you a special deviant. If you wish to own one, make sure to only purchase from a certified breeder. Doing so will prevent you from paying hundreds of dollars in exchange for a sick or fake Black GSD puppy.

Things To Consider Before Taking Home A Black GSD Pup

When it comes to bringing home a German Shepherd Dog or any dog breed for that matter, it pays to learn about the potential costs of owning a dog. For GSDs, the average cost of ownership can be between $1,200 to $1,500 yearly. This means you will have to spend more or less $10,000 to care for a Black GSD properly.

The basic expenses of your four-legged canine friend include foods, toys, shots, and visits to your local vet. All these can add up and can take a toll on your wallet. If you’re not sure you can handle all the expenses that come with properly caring for a dog, much less a Black GSD, then it’s best to postpone your purchase – for now.

What Can You Expect From A Black German Shepherd?

If you’re keen on bringing home a Blacks GSD, here are some facts you need to know.

  • They are excellent working and companion dogs.
  • These are highly trainable, stable, obedient, loyal, intelligent, active, and courageous.
  • Males weigh between 65-90 pounds and can be between 24-26 inches in size.
  • Females weigh between 50-75 pounds and can be between 22-24 inches in size.
  • Their maturity age is between 18-24 months while their life span is between 9-13 years.
  • They need at least 60 minutes of exercises daily due to their high activity level and high intelligence.
  • Black GSDs usually consumer between 1,300-1,800 calories daily.
  • Common diseases and ailments Blacks GSDs are prone to are  Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Spinal Cord Disease.

All in all, Black GSDs have the same personality, temperament, and needs as the regular German Shepherds. There are extremely intelligent and hard-working, making them the perfect rescue, police, or search dogs.

They are also exceptionally loyal companions, making them excellent family dogs and guide dogs. They are protective of their loved ones, meaning they can protect your family against people they don’t know.

They need constant exercise to stimulate their minds and ease their high activity levels. If you want to avoid bored or frustrated Black GSD, make sure to satisfy their need for physical activity. If you wish to prevent destructive behavior caused by boredom or frustration, make sure to give let them have their regular exercise and throw in some high-quality chew toys to play with. 

Why Take Home A Black GSD

They may look intimidating due to their unique black color, but in reality, they can be an excellent pet. What more can you ask for if you’ve got a loyal and highly intelligent companion who’s ready to protect no matter the situation?

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