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Do Dogs Eat Grass? What You Can Do About It

Do Dogs Eat Grass

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We’ve all seen a dog eat grass while out on a walk to the park. You could have even caught your dog a couple of times trying to eat grass on your backyard. But why do dogs eat grass? Is it something you need to worry about? Or is it normal among dogs?

Reasons As To Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

There are lots of reasons why dogs try to eat this green stuff. Some of these reasons can be quite surprising, as some dogs try to eat grass for reasons you may not expect.

Boredom and Loneliness

Dogs, like us humans, can get bored and lonely sometimes. And what do we do when we get bored? We find something that will entertain us. Dogs try to do the same when they are bored. Unlike us, humans who can do tons of things when we get bored or feel lonely, dogs have limited choices to ease their boredom.

We tend to watch, play, or go out with friends when we feel lonely or even do outdoor activities to ease our boredom. When it comes to our canine buddies, they need to use their excessive energy. If we don’t play with them long enough and they have nothing else to do, they will divert their attention to other things – one of these can be eating grass.

But why do dogs eat grass to ease boredom? For dogs (especially the more energetic breeds) and pups, these are the kind that is prone to eating grass. You may find your pup’s curiosity getting the best of him by trying to eat this green stuff. As your puppies grow older, they tend to stop grazing.

However, for dogs who are not paid attention to or are often left alone by themselves, they may be prone to separation anxiety or loneliness. This could be the reason as to why do dogs eat grass. If you’re always out and you need to leave your dog behind, then it would be best to find him a companion. Also, try to do more activities with them.

Inadequate Nutrition

Your dog’s nutritional needs are dependent on various things. Their breed, age, and activity levels are only some of the things that can affect their dietary needs.

While most dog foods have meat on them, it is essential that our canine buddies are not just carnivores. These days, grass is the abundant vegetable matters, so dogs tend to choose and ear grass. However, if you take dogs with you while picking berries, you can find some eating berries within their reach.

A published study reported that sometimes, dogs eat grass to improve their need for fiber. A miniature poodle was included in the study eats grass, and vomited every single day for seven years. The behavior stopped only after the owner started giving the dog a high-fiber diet.

This goes to show that it is in a dog’s nature to find ways on how to fulfill their basic dietary requirements. Before, undomesticated dogs find food for themselves. When it comes to our pets, we are the ones that determine what will be their regular diet will be. If we fail to satisfy their needs for fiber, they will try to find ways to consume it – even if it meant chewing on grass.

Finding Remedies

Sometimes, dogs eat grass as a way to feel better. For example, if your dog has an upset stomach or feels gassy, eating grass and vomiting it afterwards help relieve their symptoms. The reason is that when they eat grass, the grass blades tickle the throat, urging them to vomit. Some dogs feel better after vomiting, so maybe the reason why your dog sometimes graze on grass is to make themselves feel better.

They Simply Like The Taste Of Grass

Like us humans, dogs often do weird stuff. Some even like weird things to eat too. This can be the reason why do dogs eat grass. There is a possibility that they like the texture or taste of the green stuff.

What To Do If Your Dog Likes Munching On Grass?

Grass, in general, can be safe for your dog. However, it still depends on what type of grass they try to eat. For example, if the grass they are trying to munch on has pesticides or herbicides on it, it would be best not to allow them near the green stuff. 

Also, some plants can be toxic, which can lead to stomach upset when eaten by your dog. Try to make sure that the plants in your backyard or inside your home are not dangerous for your dog.

If you suspect that the reason as to why do dogs eat grass is because of insufficient fiber in their diet, you can try switching to a high-fiber one. Make sure to slowly introduce the new diet so your dog can gradually get used to the new food. 

If the reason for the grass-eating behavior is because your dog is now obsessively compulsive, try to keep them occupied, give them a variety of dog toys to play with and try t6o spend more time with them. Take them on long walks. Also allowing them to play with other dogs can help.

If it seems like the answer to why do dogs eat grass is because, they are just plain grazers and like the taste and texture of grass, then it would best to avoid green space, this is especially essential if you’re not sure whether they use herbicides or pesticides on the grass. You don’t your dog end up getting sick after ingesting some toxic substances.

If you suspect that your dog fell ill after eating grass, it’s best to take him to the vet, just to be safe. Like most dog owners and lovers, we only want what’s best for our dogs. Taking your dog to the vet will give you peace of mind as they can tell you if your dog’s behavior is something that needs intervention or not.

If it turns out your dog simply likes munching on the green stuff, then try introducing cooked vegetables or natural herbs on their diet. As for your garden, you can try starting an herbal home garden with plants and herbs safe for dogs. Skip the pesticides or any chemicals when treating your plants to give them a safe place to graze on.