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6 Dogs That Look Like Mops And How To Care For Their Coat

dogs that look like mops

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Everyone has their favorite breed of dogs. When it comes to canine hair, would you rather have a dog with a fluffy coat or a short silky hair? Or would you rather take home dogs that look like mops

Dogs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and hair. While there are tons of canine groomers available, one can’t help but fall in love with dogs that look like mops. Who wouldn’t want to have a dog that resembles walking dreadlocks? These magnificent creatures look undeniably cute and are hilarious to thanks to their long hair cords. In this article, we get to find the 6 common dog breeds that are often mistaken as mops.


Everyone knows that the Poodle breed is not only popular thanks to their fluffy haircuts but cool dreadlocks as well. These rasta poodles don’t grow the thin and stylish curls by themselves. Like the Havanese, it requires time and dedication to make the dreadlocks pop and standout. It involves a lot of trimming, separating the cords and bathing by soaking and squeezing. Needless to say, only a dedicated owner can keep up with the rasta hairstyle of poodles.


The Bergamasco breed is known to have existed for more than 2,000 years now. Like other dreadlocked canines, their long longs help protect them against the harsh cold weather. It also helps keep them safe against predators. Their dreadlocks also help protect the breed from sunburn.


The Puli is a dog breed that is also from Hungary. It is actually a close relative of the Komondor. However, they have thinner cords. Its outer and inner coats intertwined to form a magnificent black dreadlock that protects them against the cold and possible predators. Pulis are also excellent shepherd dogs who love herding cattles along with Komodors. The two dog breeds will take turns watching the flock 24/7 – with the Komondors guarding during the night, and the Pulis watching during the day. 

Spanish Waterdogs

This is among the breeds of dogs that look like mops to ever grace up with their presence. In reality, the dreadlocks of these gorgeous dogs do not grow naturally. Their dreadlocks only form after getting shaved, and the curls are shaped as the fur grows longer. Unlike other mop-looking dogs, the Spanish Waterdogs use their cords, not for winter protection. Instead, their cords curl as a natural response to help protect them against high humidity and hot temperatures in the region of Iberian Peninsula.


The Komondor breed is known as a sheepdog bred to guard flocks of cattles and sheep. For centuries, shepherds in Hungary made Komondors as their companion in guarding the herd for several centuries. However, don’t let these long-corded canines trick you into thinking their white hair are as rough as dreadlocks. In reality, their coat is super white and soft when they are born. As a Komondor grows, their white fur turns into dreadlocks to protect them from their wintery surroundings and predators too. 


Did you know that these adorable breed of dogs that look like mops are not just circus performers in the 19th century, but as companion dogs of the aristocrats in Cuban as well? That’s right! Thanks to the outgoing, smart, cheeky, and playful personality of Havanese, they quickly became a crowd favorite. However, their owners need to make the curls, as Havanese dogs can’t grow them naturally. This only means if you’re committed to owning a Havanese and wants to cuddle with this dreadlocked cutie, you’ll have to dedicate a considerable amount of time grooming, brushing and helping achieve those perfect curls.

Whether you own dogs that look like mops earned their terrific curls the natural way or not, each deserves our love, attention and of course dedication to keep them happy and healthy. But how can one care for a hair that’s so special?

How To Care For Dogs That Look Like Mops

If you’re a proud owner of a dog that looks like mops or is still planning on owning one, then you should know that the dreadlocks need constant care to avoid matting. A matted fur is not only uncomfortable to your dog but can also cause pain to your fur baby. If you care for their dreadlocks the right way, then the curls can form properly, and their coat won’t shed.

The thing is, caring for dogs that look like mops is no easy task. Aside from the usual care (feeding a balanced diet, proper exercise and all), the grooming part can be tricky. As a rule of thumb, one needs to trim the cord to a length of three inches once a year. Cut your dog’s dreadlock shorter than this, and you’ll end up with mats instead of cords.

One issue with long-haired dogs is that they can drag their coats in dirt mud, and even their own poop and pee. This, in turn, results in dirty dreadlocks. As much as possible, trim your dog’s coat to prevent their coat from dragging everything they pass. When it comes to trimming, you might need to replace your scissors after every haircut. Why? The reason is that cutting the hair of dogs that look like mops can blunt a pair of scissors after just one trim.

Make sure to brush each cord and separate them several times each week. This will prevent dust, dirt, and debris buildup. Drying your dog that has dreadlocks can take hours to dry completely, which is why most owners avoid bathing their dogs. Not sure how to do this the right way? Take them to your local groomer and ask for tips.

The Takeaway

Dogs are magnificent creatures with different hairstyles. If you’re a fan of rasta-haired dog breeds, then consider this list of dogs that look like mops as a treat. If you do choose to bring one home, make sure you’re up for the challenge of keeping their mop of hair in excellent condition. 

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