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9 Best Dog Beds for Pitbulls (2023 Buying Guide)

dog beds for pitbulls

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All dogs can be wonderful pets, even Pitbulls. Such dog breeds may have been bred to be extremely resilient. But even these stamina-packed dog breeds require enough rest and sleep. 

With the right dog bed, our pitbull can get his much-deserved rest and sleep and stock up enough energy for another eventful day of play. But like all dogs, not all Pitbulls have the same requirements.

Some Pitbulls need more support due to their orthopedic needs. Others require a heavy-duty bed that can withstand power chewers. With all the considerations we need to keep in mind when buying a bed for our pooch and all the different dog beds available in the market, finding the right dog bed can be overwhelming.

Our Top Picks

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed for Your Pitbull

Before considering any dog bed, we must do due research to ensure we don’t forget any important details when making a dog bed purchase for our pitbull. Some of these special considerations are as follows.

Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

Some dogs prefer sleeping on their side while others sleep on their back. Some dogs roll around a lot while others sleep all curled up. Knowing our dog’s preferred sleeping position is crucial as this will give us an idea of what kind of dog bed to get as well as the perfect size to get.


The size of the dog bed we need to purchase will depend on the size of our pooch. For best results, measure his length and width when sleeping. Consider his sleeping position and his age if he is likely to grow some more.

As a general rule, we can add 4-6 inches to our dog’s size when sleeping.


Not all dog beds are soft and comfortable. Some offer orthopedic support perfect for senior dogs, injured dogs, and dogs with joint pains. Your dog’s comfort level will depend on his special needs, his sleeping position, and basically what kind of bed he simply wants.

Some dogs want extremely soft beds. Others want their bed to be a bit firmer. If our dog prefers larger beds where he can roll around easily when sleeping, we also need to consider that.

Aside from these, we also need to consider the materials of the bed. Like us humans, dogs can also have allergies. If we find our pooch exhibiting symptoms of seasonal or skin allergy, then we need to find him a hypoallergenic bed.

Attached Covers

As much as possible, it is best to resist buying dog beds with attached covers. Buying a dog bed with an attached cover meant we need to wash the whole mattress regularly just to make sure we get to remove dirt, stain, and pet fur and dander from the bed.

Your Dog’s Behavior

We must ask ourselves certain questions that will tell us more about the needs of our dog. For instance, does he love to chew? Or maybe has some joint problems, skin conditions, or even separation anxiety?

Pitbulls have personality traits and special health conditions that make it difficult to find a good bed. Checking if the following traits and behavior exist in our pooch can influence our dog bed purchase.

Joint Issues

Less than 24% of Pitbulls suffer from hip dysplasia while more than 16% have elbow dysplasia. Like medium to large breeds, Pitbulls are also prone to osteoarthritis and other joint problems. Since Pitbulls can suffer from joint issues or if our pooch already manifests such joint issues, it only becomes a must that we invest in a dog bed that can offer adequate support to their joints, like an orthopedic memory bed or even an elevated dog bed. 

Skin Conditions

Dogs can be allergic to certain foods, tree pollen, dirt, and dust. Our canine buddy’s coat may be relatively care-free. But that does not mean he is already safe from developing skin conditions.

Atopic dermatitis, for instance, is an allergic reaction that can put our pooch in pain and discomfort. His vet may be able to provide the best treatment. But to prevent this, we need to protect him from these allergy triggers and ensure his bed is regularly washed. This only means he needs a hypoallergenic dog bed with a removable cover that can withstand frequent washing.

Destructive Chewing

Some Pitbulls turn out to be destructive chewers. It is not enough that we address his chewing habits. It also helps to ensure their dog bed can hold up to his destructive chewing habits.

Separation Anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, Pitbulls can develop separation anxiety due to their affective nature. Our pooch always wants to be beside us, and even a few hours of separation can lead to him turning to destructive chewing. By giving him a durable and comfortable bed with bolsters, he will feel a lot less lonely.


We want our Pitbull’s new dog bed to be only made of high-quality and pet-safe materials. Not all dog beds are created to last for a long period. Consider our pooch’s needs and behavior, where we plan on putting the dog bed, and if we intend to keep it indoors or out in the yard or deck.


Pitbulls can be murderous chewers. The last thing we want is for his new bed to net even last a day after purchase. Find a good-quality dog bed that is also durable enough to house Pitbulls. 


We want a dog bed for our pitbull that has a removable cover. This way, we only need to wash the cover regularly. We can think of an alternative cover or even buy a replacement cover while our pooch is waiting for his dog bed cover to dry. 

Best Dog Beds for Pitbulls in 2023

Best Overall (and for Large Dogs): Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • 100% microsuede cover7-inch, 3-layered foam
  • Clinically proven to lessen pain and improve mobility after 28 days of usage 
  • Machine washable cover
  • Comes in 4 sizes and 4 colors

For large Pitbulls with or without the need for orthopedic support due to joint issues, the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed wins in terms of comfort, quality, and durability. It is made from 4 layers of high-quality memory foam, offering optimal support.

With this pet bed, we don’t need to worry about the bed flattening overtime. It comes with a built-in headrest, providing additional support to our pooch’s head and neck. Don’t be intimidated by its pricey price tag as for a dog bed that is sure to last for a long time, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Best Orthopedic: FurHaven Orthopedic Sofa-Style Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • High-quality egg-crate memory foam
  • ultra-plush faux fur on the sleeping area
  • microsuede bolster
  • fluffy-filled bolsters
  • Comes in 5 sizes and 22 designs

Dogs with achy joints require the best orthopedic bed there is. If our pooch is now suffering from joint issues, then he needs the orthopedic support FurHaven Orthopedic Sofa-Style Dog Bed. It helps soothe his pressure points while increasing airflow, thus providing optimum support to our aging Pitbull.

We love how ultra-cozy, soft, and comfortable this dog bed is. It does come with bolster sides, giving our pooch that extra support he needs on his head and neck area. It has a reasonable price tag, but we wish it would be a lot more support to large breeds.

Best Cooling Bed: Sealy Lux Quad Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Key Features:

  • Quad element orthopedic support
  • With cooling gel
  • Pro-Charcoal base
  • Hidden zippers and waterproof liner
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Machine-washable removable cover
  • Odor-resistant
  • Comes in 4 sizes and 4 colors

The Sealy Lux Quad Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel is one of the best cooling beds in the market. Our Pitbull will surely love to lay on this bed especially during the summer. Its cooling gel and orthopedic foam make it an ultra-supportive bed perfect for even the pickiest dogs out there.

The removable cover has hidden zippers and can easily be washed and cleaned. The non-slip bottom offers extra support to our pooch who loves to jump and dig through the bed before laying down. We also love how odor–resistant the bed is.

We only wish this pet bed has a lot more color options and that it will come with clearer instructions on how to assemble the bed.

Best Budget: Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

Key Features:

  • Elevated cot design
  • Breathable fabric
  • High-density polyethylene, steel, and fabric
  • Resistant to flea, mite, mold, and mildew
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable and portable design
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors

If a budget-friendly dog bed we can use for both indoor and outdoor use, then we need the Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed. Its suspended platform made with breathable fabric relieves our pooch’s pressure point while ensuring he is kept cool and comfortable. It is fairly easy to clean and maintain, and the price often seals the deal for most pet parents.

This dog bed is not only durable enough for outdoor use, but it is also resistant to mites, mold, mildew, and fleas. For such a hypoallergenic dog bed, this sure exceeds our expectations. We just wish the label is not visible from the top as this usually gets the dog’s attention, causing dogs to do a lot of scratching trying to get the label out.

Best Value: Majestic Pet Bagel Bed

Key Features:

  • Round-shaped bed
  • Poly-Cotton, Polyester Fiberfill
  • Waterproof base
  • Machine-washable
  • Bolstered sides for maximum support
  • Comes in 4 sizes and 7 colors

If our pooch loves to curl-up when sleeping, then he will surely love this Majestic Pet Bagel Bed. It is made from high loft polyester fiberfill, allowing it to retain its shape even after multiple washes. It comes in 4 sizes and 7 solid colors to choose from. 

The waterproof liner is an excellent feature thus reducing the need to clean up after our pooch poops or pees in their bed on accident. We just wish it comes with a removable cover. Not everyone has a big enough washing machine to fit this bad boy.

Best for Small Dogs: Big Barker Junior Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • 4-inch comfort and support foam
  • With a 2.5 contoured foam as head support
  • 100% Microfiber cover
  • Waterproof denier based
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors

Smaller Pitbulls will enjoy having this Big Barker Junior Orthopedic Dog Bed. It is specifically made to better support small to medium-sized dogs. It is ultra-supportive, offering orthopedic support on the right spot.

It is fairly easy to wash and clean and its waterproof base makes it easier to maintain. Its donut-shape makes it the perfect spine support for his delicate spine. Pet owners think the bed is a bit pricey and that the manufacturer could use a lot less plastic when packing the bed.

Best for Puppies: Blueberry Microsuede Pet Bed 

Key Features:

  • Bolster dog bed
  • 100% removable and washable Microfiber cover
  • durable YKK
  • Comes in 2 sizes and 9 designs
  • Replaceable cover available
  • With neck bone pillow 

Blueberry Microsuede Pet Bed is only available in small and medium sizes, making it the perfect dog bed for Pitbull pups. Its bolstered sides help pups who still miss their moms feel safe and secure. This is perfect for pups and small dogs who love to curl up when sleeping.

It comes with a free neck bone pillow that doubles as a toy for our pooch. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, making it a nice addition to any home. The bed has a removable zippered cover that can easily be machine-washed.

Most Hypoallergenic: Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Donut Bed

Key Features:

  • Faux-fur shag fabric
  • Raised bolsters and super-soft filling 
  • Can be bought with a calming shag blanket
  • Self-warming and hypoallergenic
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors

For dogs with allergies, the Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Donut Bed is the go-to pet bed of choice. It is made from hypoallergenic materials that are machine washable and a water and dirt-resistant bottom. Its faux-fur shag fabric and raised rims offer maximum comfort to sensitive dogs who love to cuddle next to another pooch.

It is also a good choice for dogs with anxiety issues. The higher walls offer a sense of security. The ultra-soft materials and self-warming features give a calming effect while alleviating muscle and joint pains. With this luxury donut cuddler, dogs are guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

This fur donut is not meant for chewers and those that were yet to be toilet-trained. 

Most Durable: K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Cot

Key Features:

  • Elevated cot design
  • With three waterproof bolstered sides
  • Pads kept in place via straps
  • Mesh center 
  • Metal frame
  • No-tool assembly
  • With rubber feet and cover

If what we are after is one of the most durable dog beds perfect for Pitbulls, then the K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Cot marks the spot. It is made from high-quality metal bars, waterproof bolsters, and a mesh center. The bed is suspended a few inches from the ground, ensuring enough airflow and giving enough support to dogs who have a hard time getting in and out of ground-level beds. 

The Bolster Cot is very easy to set up and disassemble. We don’t even need any tools to set it up. Its bolstered sides offer additional support while the design itself makes it an excellent indoor and outdoor bed for Pitbulls. The only con of this bed is that it can be hard to remove a dog’s hair out of the material.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet’s Bed

Pet beds should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, stain, pet fur, dander, and other debris. We don’t want our pooch to sleep on a dirty bed. This will affect his comfort, can make him susceptible to itching, and eventually lead to sleepless nights and poor health.

Aside from cleaning the bed, other tips can help ensure our Pitbull’s bed can last longer. Here are some of them.

Consider a waterproof inner cover

Not all dog beds come with a removable cover and a waterproof inner cover. To keep the foam from getting wet, we can add a waterproof cover to the inner cover. This way, the inner cover becomes water-resistant, saving you the headache of needing an immediate replacement if it gets wet and moldy.

Provide enough chew toys

Like humans, dogs can get bored of the same toy if we want our pooch to stay away from chewing his bed, it is worth investing in plenty of chew toys and dental chews to keep him occupied.

Ensure our Pitbull gets his daily dose of exercise

Any dog who is bored and fails to engage in adequate exercise can turn into a destructive dog. To prevent them from chewing on things other than his chew toys, we should not forget to take him to walks, play with him, and allow him to burn his extra energy.

It is also a good idea to get him an outdoor bed. This will enable him to sleep in our yard and patio. This can also double as a camping bed when we are out camping or hiking.

Benefits of a Dog Bed for Your Pitbull

The best dog bed for our pooch helps ensure our Pitbull can get quality rest and sleep each night. He may seem like he never runs out of energy. But in reality, he still needs to sleep certain hours each day to catch up and recharge.

Another reason why we need to get a dog bed for our pooch to save ourselves the trouble of trying to find ways to remove hair and odor from our furniture. He may not be a heavy shedder. But with his exploring outdoors and his hair waiting to stick out furniture, it only makes sense to give him his own bed where he can shed his fur and keep whatever odor that managed to stick to his body.

A dog bed also improves his health. If he has allergies, he will benefit from a hypoallergenic dog bed. This will help prevent further allergens from making his allergies worse.

This is especially true if he is in the recovery process after a surgical procedure. For frail dogs, orthopedic dog beds are the best choice. With enough support on his pressure points, he will feel better, recover faster, and live a happier life despite his achy joints and aging body.


Our Pitbull is one of the best things that ever came into our life. It only becomes a must that we provide for their every need, especially their bed that will serve as their sanctuary. Thankfully, numerous dog beds are out in the market waiting for pet owners like us to buy for our pooch.

When buying a dog bed for our pitbull, consider this size, comfort, special needs, sleeping position, and all the other considerations listed in this article. No matter his requirements, he can enjoy an orthopedic bed with or without joint issues. By making the right choice, our pooch will be healthier and happier, making us happy pet owners in the end.