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9‌ ‌Best‌ Dog Houses of 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Our dog is not just an ordinary pet we come to play with whenever we feel like it. He is our best friend, our family member, and oftentimes the hero of every household. His messy but playful antics only make us love him more each day. 

As an important family member, it only pays that we provide him not just a home as a whole, but a dog house of his own. This way, he will have this own space where he can rest and sleep, feel safe, and a place where we know he won’t be bothered when he needs to be alone. But with all the kinds, colors, and types of dog houses out there, how can one possibly make a choice?

We know that he needs a space where he can rest indoors, thus his bed and blanket. But we also need to find a dog house he can use outside if he spends a lot of time outdoors. It has to be comfortable, easy to clean, durable, and weather-resistant. 

A dog house also needs to be big enough to accommodate his size and strong enough to hold his weight. With all the requirements we need to keep in mind, finding the best dog house can be such a chore. Thankfully, the experts have spoken and we are excited to announce some of the best dog houses sold in the market nowadays.

Best Dog Houses in 2023

Here are our top picks:

Best Overall: Petmate Indigo with Microban

Key Features:

  • Cute igloo design
  • Cold and hot weather insulation
  • Vents on top of the roof
  • Raised floors, side moats
  • With Microban Antimicrobial Protection
  • Available in 3 sizes

Who wouldn’t want an igloo as their dog house? Instead of ice, our pooch gets to enjoy an igloo-shaped dog house made from plastic. The best thing about Petmate Indigo with Microban is that it has Microban Antimicrobial Protection, meaning we no longer need to worry about stains and odor-causing bacteria from wreaking havoc into our canine friend’s home.

This dog house has raised floors, keeping our pooch a few inches from the ground. It has side moats that drain water when it rains, keeping our pooch dry. The vents on the roof help improve the circulation inside the dog house and the dog house itself offers enough insulation against hot and cold weather.

The inside of the dog house is spacious and accommodates small to large dog breeds. It comes in two parts, allowing us to remove the top part and even wash the bottom. Some dog owners claim rain goes inside the dog house pretty easily, which means we need to put it somewhere with a shade to avoid rainwater from going inside the dog house.

Best Budget: Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 by Petmate 

Key Features:

  • Raised interior floor
  • Extended roof guard rim
  • Quick snap latches
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Rear-ventilation system
  • Comes in 3 sizes

The Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 by Petmate is perfect for budget-conscious pet parents. This dog house is one of the cheapest in the market but this is not the only reason why pet owners love it. The fact that it is made from durable plastic makes it a favorite of pet owners wanting quality without the hefty price tag.

The dog house is very easy to clean and assemble thanks to its quick snap latches. It has a rear-ventilation system allowing our pooch to breathe easily. It is also a good choice if we are after a weatherproof dog house.

We won’t even have to worry if our furry friend sits on top of the dog house. It is that durable and stable. One downside is that the dog house is not well-insulated, meaning we need to invest in a self-warming bed to make sure our pooch will feel warm and cozy during the winter months.

Best for Puppies: Petmate Barnhome III Dog House 

Key Features:

  • Rear air ventilation
  • Extended roof guard
  • Raised interior flooring
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Mold-resistant
  • Available in 2 colors and 4 sizes

Another dog house that is cheap but high quality is the Petmate Barnhome III Dog House . We are literally giving our pooch a barn-like home with this dog house. It comes in two beautiful colors and four sizes to choose from.

It is designed to keep the rain out of the dog house while maintaining adequate ventilation inside. It is fairly effortless to assemble considering the two parts easily snap together. 

Cleaning is also made easy since there are no tools needed to take the dog house apart.

Some pet owners claim the dog house is not as rain-proof as they want it to be. One needs to move the dog house somewhere where the eaves of their roof are located. Some drilled holes on the bottom of the dog house to let water out.

Best for Small Dogs: Merry Pet Wood House

Key Features:

  • Latticework fence
  • Lower lounge area with a rooftop balcony
  • Made from kiln-dried cedar
  • With side steps
  • Removable roof and bottom panel
  • Raised bottom panel floor 

Looking for a gorgeous bunk bed/dog house? Then we should add the Merry Pet Wood House to our list. It has a fun design, allowing our small pooch to enjoy a better view thanks to its gorgeous balcony.

The dog house can be cleaned and assembled easily with the help of some tools. It is made from kiln-dried cedar, meaning he is safe from unsavory pests. Thanks to its raised floor panel, our pooch stays dry and protected regardless of the weather.

It is durable, lightweight, and inexpensive considering all the features our small pooch can enjoy. However, some says it could use a bit of improvement as some pet owners claim the steps are not that functional.

Best for Large Dogs: Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Key Features:

  • Slanted waterproof roof
  • Adjustable elevated feet
  • Bottom slat floor
  • Door flap included
  • Optional insulation kit included
  • Predrilled holes for easy assembly
  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors

We want an outdoor dog house that is waterproof, very easy to clean, and will keep our big boy even if it rains. If there is one dog house that ticks all of our boxes, that would be the Petsfit Outdoor Dog House. The roof easily lifts open making cleaning and sanitation a breeze.

The dog house comes with predrilled holes, making assembly easy and manageable. The elevated feet can be adjustable according to your dog’s height requirements, making it even more comfortable for them to get in and out of the dog house. It also comes with a dog flap, making our pooch feel a lot more at home.

The dog house is sturdy and looks very pleasing to the eye. We just wish the manufacturer did more than just paint the dog house some primer as the paint looks a bit thin. The wood is also a bit thin but not that thin to cause concerns.

Most Durable: Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

Key Features:

  • Double-wall design
  • Adjustable vents
  • Fade-resistant with UV protection
  • No-toll assembly
  • Detachable roof
  • Made in the USA

For the big boys with big needs, the Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House will always be a good choice. It is one of the most durable dog houses in the market thanks to its double-wall design and weather-proof construction. The vents inside the dog house can be adjusted, making it easier for us to make sure our pooch enjoys a properly ventilated home.

The assembly is fairly easy and the detachable roof makes it easy to clean and maintain. We just wish that the dog house comes in smaller sizes. One also needs to invest in an outdoor bed or cushion as the floor of the house does not provide much cushion and support.

Most Weatherproof: Extreme Log Cabin by Petmate

Key Features:

  • Raised floor
  • Slanted asphalt roof
  • Sealed protective coating
  • With an offset door
  • Made from solid wood and stainless steel hardware
  • Available in 4 sizes

The Extreme Log Cabin by Petmate is the best doghouse for pet owners and pets living in rainy areas. It is made with weatherproof materials and a sealed protective coating finish to resist wet weather damage. For dogs who love to spend time outdoors, this is one good dog house to consider.

Its assembly only requires three steps. The offset door makes a cool addition to the dog house. It is fairly durable and sturdy, offering long-lasting protection to our pooch.

One con about this dog house is that the floor can easily break if a big dog is to use it. To be able to use it during the cold weather, we need to reinforce some kind of insulation to the bottom.

Best Plastic Outdoor Dog House: Suncast DH250 

Key Features:

  • Contemporary dog house design
  • Heavy-duty resin construction
  • Crowned floor
  • Parts snap with ease
  • Vinyl door included
  • Easy cleanup
  • Resists fading

The Suncast DH250 is an outdoor dog house that is very easy to assemble considering we need no tools to set it up. It is made from durable resin materials, keeping our pooch warm and dry during the rainy and winter season. The inside of the dog house is big, making it easy for large dogs to move around.

The great thing about this dog house is that the materials used resists fading. This means that even after a few years, we can expect the dog house to retain its color. It is very easy to wash, and the door adds extra protection and insulation without blocking our pooch’s entry and exit.

Note that some owners claim this is not a good choice for chewers and destructive doors.

Best for Small-Medium Sized Dogs: Indoor Outdoor Dog House by Always-Quality

Key Features:

  • Easy assemble 
  • Durable construction
  • Raised floor
  • Air vents on sidewalls and back walls
  • Waterproof roof

Although this dog house is waterproof, pet owners like having the Indoor Outdoor Dog House by Always-Quality indoors. It is fairly small, making it easy to keep it somewhere inside the house. It comes in two colors and can accommodate small to medium-sized pets.

The dog house is easy to assemble and only needs a screwdriver to set it up. Its sturdy construction is also very easy to clean. It has integrated ventilation on the side walls and back walls, allowing air to circulate in and out of the dog house.

This can be a cheap and cozy retreat for our pooch. Although advertised as weatherproof, it is best to place this somewhere less exposed to the elements since the dog house is lightweight and not insulated.

Benefits of Using a Dog House

Dog houses are a must-have for our canine buddy. This is not just a crazy addition to his collection nor a waste of money and space in our home. Dog houses offer tons of benefits for both our pooch and us, their pet owners.

Here are some of the best reasons to invest in a good dog house.

  • Provide our pooch with a safe place to stay, rest, and sleep
  • Give him a shady place to stay in case of rain, strong winds, harsh sunlight, and the cold
  • Help keep our pooch stay warmer when staying outdoors during winter
  • Give our pooch his own privacy
  • Provide a cozy and fun retreat in our own deck, patio, or backyard

Dogs who love to chill outdoors deserve their own dog house. Whether he loves to sleep outdoors during the warmer months or likes to wait for their favorite squirrels to play with him in the yard, he surely needs a dog house to chill in no matter the time of the day.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog House

Dog houses differ in sizes, shapes, and features. If we want to make the most out of our purchase, then we need to consider every single detail. This way, we can be sure that our pooch can fit, the dog house can accommodate his needs, and that we won’t waste our investment on a dog house that won’t last for a long time.

Some of the things we must not take for granted when making a dog house purchase are as follows.

Air ventilation

It is important that we make sure that our pooch can breathe easily while inside our dog house of choice. This is very important especially if we live in warmer regions. We don’t want our pooch recycling his own breath by investing in a dog house without enough air vents. 

We need to find a dog house with enough air vents to allow enough airflow inside the house without allowing more sunshine or rain to seep in. Thankfully, pet parents leave useful reviews to help us decide which dog house will best suit our dog’s needs.


We won’t have much of a problem if we intend to keep the dog house in a single place. But if we want more flexibility, then we need to keep portability in mind when choosing one. The good news is, there are lots of lightweight dog houses that can easily be assembled and disassembled as needed.


If we live somewhere where the temperature can either be extremely hot or cold, we need to find a well-insulated dog house. These may come with a higher price tag but the additional investment is always worth it considering our pooch will benefit from the added insulation. If his dog house does not offer much insulation, we can always add an additional layer of insulation to keep him warm and safe.

Assembly required

Some dog houses require minimal tools during assembly. There are also others that don’t require much effort as there are only two or three parts that need to be snapped in place to assemble. Most of the time, wooden houses require more effort during assembly compared to plastic dog houses.

If flooding is an issue in the area where we intend to place the dog house, then investing in one with elevated feet becomes a must. There are some dog houses that offer elevated floors and adjustable feet for added elevation. For our pooch, we can settle on a dog house that has a higher entrance for easy cleanup.

Porches, windows, and doors

It is very tempting to buy a dog house that gives our pooch the full house experience. Some dog houses come with a door, windows, and even porches. It all depends on what features we think will best benefit our pooch, as long it can help keep them safe, comfortable, and  well-protected against the elements.


The materials of the dog house can affect its durability and weight. Plastic dog houses are often lighter and won’t rot for many years. If we want a heavier and easy to paint the dog house, then we can choose from a variety of wooden dog houses.


Size matters when buying a dog house. It is not enough that we know if our pooch is a large bred or not. The best way to make sure he fits in the dog house we are about to buy is to get our measurements right. 

We need to measure our pooch from the tip of his nose to his rump and consider his height when sitting. This will enable him to move around and sit on his dog house with ease. It also pays to consider the size of his favorite outdoor dog bed to make sure it fits in their new home.

Check the measurements in each description box to make sure we get the right size. 


There are three usual types of dog houses. This includes the classic dog house, the igloo, and the canopy. We also tackled a bunk-type dog house that features a cute balcony. 

Classic dog houses remind us of the dog house Snoopy has in his series. These traditional houses look great, are fairly durable, and helps keep our pooch stay cool during the summer 


Igloo houses are aesthetically pleasing thanks to their unusual structure. The entrance of the dog house helps promote ventilation indoors keeping our pooch cool during summer and warm during the colder season. These are usually more stable even when exposed to strong winds.

Canopy-style dog house is easy to assemble and disassemble and cleaning is a breeze. These are usually ideal for the summer season as it offers enough shade to our pooch.


Dogs don’t generally care about how the house looks as long as it keeps them comfortable, dry, and safe. But with the variety of dog houses sold in the market, you can choose one that best suits the style of your home. 


It is crucial that we invest in a dog house that can withstand the climate we live in. In cold regions, we require a dog house with insulation while in warm regions, ventilation is what we need to prioritize. In general, we want a weatherproof dog house that can withstand strong winds, rains, and the heat of the sun.

Tips to Ensure You Buy the Right Dog House Size

Our pooch’s new dog house needs to be large enough to accommodate their height when walking and sitting. It also needs to be wide enough to allow them to move around, turn, and find a comfortable place to sit and sleep. If they have a favorite dog bed, we also need to consider its size and ensure it fits inside the new dog house.

We also need to consider our canine buddy’s preferences. Some dogs feel safer in smaller and cozier spaces while needing more room as they love to stretch and move around before nestling in. For pups, we can settle on a bigger sized dog house that can fit the usual weight and height of their breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog houses good for dogs?

Dog houses are more than good for dogs. These are a must for every dog since all dogs need to have his own space that he can call his own. This will give him more protection against the elements while he stays outdoors.

How do I use a dog house?

It can be tricky to train our pooch to use the dog house. What we can do is to use treats and clickers to entice them to go inside the dog house and stay on it. The capture and reward method can be a good training method when introducing a dog house to a weary pooch.

Some dog owners prefer playing fetch to teach their dog something new. We can try dropping his favorite toy near the entrance of the house and have him give it back to us. We can then start throwing the toy inside the house to make him more comfortable going in and out of his new outdoor home.

How do I get my dog to sleep in his dog house?

If our pooch is adamant to sleep inside his dog house, we can try the treats and clicker method. If this won’t work, we can try putting his calming dog bed inside the dog house and put some treats on the bed. Once he is settled in, he is more likely to use and sleep inside the dog house. 

It really depends on the kind of personality our pooch has. Since we know him more than anyone, we are sure to find ways to make him use the dog house for sleeping.

Will dogs share a dog house?

This will depend on the dog’s relationship. Some dogs are inclined to follow their companion even if it meant sleeping in a new dog house. We can try training them to use the dog house and share.

Some dogs are not willing to share, which means we either need to buy two dog houses or divide the dog house into two sides. If two dogs get along well and are willing to share, we need to find a big enough dog house to accommodate both of them.


We can find the right dog house for our pooch by taking the time to consider his needs. We need one that is durable, made from quality materials, has enough ventilation and can protect our pooch from the hard elements. With the numerous options available in the market, there will surely be a dog house that our pooch will benefit from.