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7 Best Dog Beds Made in the USA (2023 Reviews)

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The best dog in the world deserves to enjoy a good night’s sleep. But no matter how much we love sleeping beside our pooch, he also deserves a space he can call his own. This makes it a must that we invest in a dog bed where he can enjoy his beauty sleep and dream of the best dreams at night.

Many companies from different countries craft dog beds that are being sold worldwide. But among the crowd’s favorite are dog beds made in the US. Many pet parents trust US-made goods so much that they specifically want pets to enjoy premium pet beds from the US.

If we are after a new bed for our pooch, then one good way to ensure we get the best bed is to consider buying a USA-made dog bed. The companies ensure the safety and quality of the beds, making every investment worth the money. One can have better peace of mind knowing we can buy a premium bed for our pooch locally.

Like other manufacturers, dog bed makers in the US offer beds in varying shapes, types, sizes, and colors. They use different materials depending on the type of bed, which can cater to our pooch’s special needs and preferences.

But then, no US-made dog bed is the same. Some are better than others in terms of durability, comfort, and functionality. This makes dog bed shopping a little bit tricky.

How can we decide which dog bed to choose when there can be hundreds of US-made dog beds in the market? The good news is pet parents and experts have spoken. Here are 7 of the best US-made dog beds according to them.

Best Dog Beds Made in the USA

Here are the best dog beds made in the USA:

Best Overall: Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • 100% Micro-suede cover
  • 4 layers of American Grade orthopedic foam
  • 4-inches contoured foam for the headrest
  • 2-inches H10 comfort foam
  • 3-inches H45 support foam
  • 2-inches H10 comfort foam
  • 10-year warranty
  • machine washable
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors

It is quite easy to see why many pet owners are obsessed with the Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed. It has four layers of American made therapeutic foam. Big Barker offers a 10-year warranty to their beds, which shows just how confident they are with this dog bed. Add the fact that this bed is clinically proven to improve the quality of life of larger dogs after just 28 days.

This dog bed is not your ordinary dog bed made in the U.S. The foam mattress can support the curves of big dogs who have big needs. Our big fur baby will get his much-needed rest and sleep when using this bed.

The company promises that the dog bed can keep up to 90% of its shape even after years of usage. It is ideal for all big dogs of all ages, even those with joint pain, mobility issues, and those recovering from injuries or surgery.

The bed stays cool even during the summer and is very easy to clean and maintain. It has a durable, machine washable microfiber cover that comes in 4 colors. It also has a handy bolster, giving our pooch just enough support to lay his head on when sleeping.

The only con we can find in this dog bed is that it is not meant for small dogs, big nesters or diggers.

Best Budget: eLuxurySupply Pet Bed

Key Features:

  • orthopedic cluster fiber filling
  • 100% cotton cover
  • replacement covers available for purchase
  • comes in 3 sizes and 14 colors
  • money-back guarantee

The eLuxurySupply Pet Bed is manufactured by a veteran-owned company that has a cool offer for pet parents unsatisfied with the bed. They have a money-back guarantee should our pooch decide he doesn’t like the bed after 3 months.

The bed is cute, functional, and comes in 3 sizes and multiple colors. It is filled with breathable orthopedic cluster fiber filling, making it hypoallergenic and able to keep its shape. The cover is removable and 100% machine washable that won’t shrink or fade.

Another nice thing about this bed is that we can replace the cover. The company offers replacement covers as needed. We just wish the insert was fuller to offer better support.

Most Waterproof: Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Key Features:

  • Poly / cotton twill outer material
  • Premium High Loft Polyester Fill
  • Waterproof denier base
  • Supportive bolsters
  • Comes in 4 sizes and 7 colors

The Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products is perfect for dogs who love to cuddle. It is a round, bagel type dog bed with supportive bolsters. This gives our pooch a nice place to rest his head while still getting enough spine support.

The bed is made from waterproof materials, perfect for dogs that are not yet fully house-trained, senior dogs, and dogs with urinary incontinence issues. It is only made from premium materials that are fully machine washable. The company uses imported products but the bed is assembled in the U.S.

One thing pet owners have to say about this bed is that it does not come with a non-removable cover. It means we will need a bigger washing machine or take it to the Laundromat every time the bed needs a cleaning.

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Dogs: West Paw Design Nap Mat

Key Features:

  • Filled with Intelliloft fiber
  • Fits in dog crates
  • Portable and machine washable
  • Comes in 5 sizes and in chocolate color

If we are after a dog bed that is lightweight, portable, durable, and eco-friendly, then we need to consider the West Paw Design Nap Mat. This is another high-quality dog bed made in the U.S. that won’t disappoint or break our bank. It is perfect for crates and traveling due to its compact but comfortable design.

This dog bed is perfect for our pooch that prefers lying flat when resting. It is thin enough to fit most crates, but still comfortable thanks to its enhanced cushion. The pet bed itself is made from eco-friendly materials and is very easy to clean.

There are two things pet owners have to say about this bed. One, the sizing runs small, which makes it a must that we buy a size bigger than what we normally buy our pooch. It also sheds a bit over time.

Best for Larger Dogs: Majestic Pet Villa Bagel Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • Premium high loft polyester fill
  • Waterproof denier base
  • Support bolsters
  • Machine washable
  • Can support up to
  • Comes in 4 sizes and 10 colors

If we are after a cozy, water-resistant dog bed, then one of the best options out in the market is the Majestic Pet Villa Bagel Dog Bed. It is made from Waterproof 300/600 Denier Base which protects the bed against dirt, water, or any other spillage caused by our pooch. The support bolsters offer excellent spine support for dogs that love to cuddle.

We can be sure that our pooch can enjoy a good night’s sleep every single day thanks to its high-quality cushion. The largest size can support up to 100 pounds of weight. it comes in multiple colors, making it easier to find one that looks aesthetically pleasing and can match our interiors.

Some pet parents think the outer materials could be softer to make it more comfortable for dogs. We also wish that the zipper is not on the top side of the bed, tempting dogs to chew the bed.

Best Bolster-Type Dog Bed: Dog Bed King Pet Bed

Key Features:

  • Solid oval foam
  • 2-inches orthopedic comfort foam base
  • 1 ¼-inches high density foam for the bolsters
  • Removable, elastic, machine washable banded cover
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 5 colors

Another U.S. made bolster-type dog bed that made it to our list is the Dog Bed King Pet Bed. It is a memory foam dog bed that offers ultimate support to pets that love to curl up when sleeping. The soft padding and sturdy foam bolsters offer an excellent place for resting to dogs who digs or nests before settling down.

It comes in 3 sizes and 5 beautiful colors. Its removable cover is easy to clean and maintain. The largest size can accommodate up to 100 pounds of weight.

Note that this bed is not the best for chewers. Some pet parents say the bed cover doesn’t stay on and the cushioning is a little thin for heavier dogs.

Best Elevated Dog Bed: Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed

Key Features:

  • lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • elevated, orthopedic design
  • ballistic nylon surface
  • abrasion resistant, durable, and easy to clean
  • Comes in 5 sizes and 3 colors

Not all elevated dog beds are created the same. Since our pooch deserves the bed, we can go for the Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed for its sturdy and durable construction. Our pooch stays a few inches off the ground, sheltering him from the cold floors.

We can use this dog bed indoors and outdoors. This is lightweight, portable, and very easy to clean. The dog bed comes in 3 colors and 5 sizes, giving us the chance to choose the right size for our pooch.

The company prides the dog bed as abrasion resistant and chew proof. The bed is designed to discourage dogs from chewing on the bed. That and the durable construction helps ensure the bed can stand the test of time.

The only con we found on this bed is that it is not as easy to assemble as we thought. Some owners with moderate chewers said their dogs were able to destroy the cover. They said they were able to buy a replacement cover afterwards.

Are US-Made Dog Beds Better?

Dog beds made in the US are known as high-quality because of many reasons. This includes the following.

Better made

Despite the higher price point, dog beds made in the US are of higher quality and usually last longer. These passed the tests required by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, ensuring the safety and quality of the dog beds. This means we are getting our money’s worth by buying US made dog beds.

Greater Transparency

Any goods made in the US are required to disclose all materials used in crafting the products. This means we can be sure that every item listed like the fabric and filling content are accurate. This makes it easy for us to identify if the dog bed is pet-safe and has no materials that our pooch has no known allergies for.

Better Customer Service

If anything goes wrong, if you have questions, or you wish to return the dog bed due to any issue, it is easier to reach their customer service. Since the bed was crafted in the US, the closer proximity also ensures faster shipping and return if necessary.

Support Local Businesses

One good way to help and give back to the community is by buying local. When we buy US-made dog beds, we are already contributing to local businesses success. We can have that peace of mind that workers of these businesses are treated fairly, making us feel good knowing exactly where our investment is going.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed Made in the USA


Dog beds come in different sizes to accommodate dogs who also vary in sizes. Some dog beds are meant for smaller breeds. Others cater to larger-framed dogs.

When buying any dog bed, we need to make sure our pooch can fit on the bed. It needs to meet his preferences and requirements. This means the size should be good enough to accommodate his weight, preferred sleeping position, and other needs which can be a headrest, bolsters, or orthopedic foam.


All dogs deserve a bed they find comfortable. Some dogs like firmer dog beds while others like the softer variant. We need to consider the comfort of our pooch or else our investment will only go to waste.

We need to consider if our pooch has special needs. His age, pain levels, and mobility will help us choose the right bed. We should never take his comfort for granted or else he won’t be able to enjoy the good night’s sleep he deserves.


Different types of US-made dog beds are made available in the market. It is also important that we find the right type of bed that will suit our pooch.

Elevated dog beds

Some dog beds are elevated a few inches off the ground. These are usually made with stainless steel or aluminum construction. This can be a perfect choice for dogs with a good height and often love to chew on beds.

Orthopedic beds

Some dogs have muscle or joint pains, are nursing an injury, or have mobility issues. if this is the case for our pooch, then he needs a dog bed with orthopedic foam. This helps reduce the pressure on these achy joints and pressure points, relieving his pain, and helping him sleep and rest better.

Chew proof dog bed

For power chewers, we need a more durable dog bed that can handle intense chewing tendencies. We can’t simply choose any bed if our pooch tends to destroy his bed after a few weeks or months. This means the bed needs to be of high quality construction, has tough covers, and still offer the comfort our pooch deserves.

Donut bed

Round beds with bolsters are perfect for dogs who loves to cuddle when sleeping. This can be the perfect type of dog bed for puppies and dogs with anxiety issues. Our pooch can lean against the bolster, giving him that extra sense of comfort and security.

Outdoor beds

Outdoor dog beds are tough as these can withstand harsh environmental elements. If our pooch loves to stay outdoors, or if we are always taking him out for trips, then it pays to invest in a dog bed perfect for the outdoors.

Hypoallergenic dog beds

Some dogs have sensitive skin and allergies. This makes it crucial that we buy our pooch a hypoallergenic dog bed. This can help ensure our pooch is safe against common allergy triggers like molds, mildew, dirt, dust, and pollen.

The type of dog bed our pooch needs will depend on his sleeping position, if he has any allergies, is suffering from a certain condition, etc.


No matter how good our furry friend is, there will be times when he will be rough on his bed. He could be a digger or a moderate chewer. We want a dog bed that is not only comfortable and the right size, but one that is also durable and longer-lasting.

It is worth considering all the materials used in crafting the bed. The outer cover should be made from tough materials. It is best if we can find one with more than one cover. This way, in case the outer cover rips, there is another layer of protection guarding the inserts.


Some dog bed companies will claim their dog beds are the best and most luxurious ones in the market. If the bed does not have additional function or features, then it makes little sense to shed money over an expensive dog bed with the same features as the cheaper alternatives. But as long as we get our money’s value, then the price would always be justifiable.


We don’t want a bed we can’t clean and wash as regularly as needed. Dogs with allergies and sensitive skin won’t appreciate a bed that can’t be cleaned and maintained as necessary.

Other Important Features

There are other things worth considering when making a dog bed purchase. For one, we need to check if the materials used are pet-safe. If not, then the chances of our pooch getting sick or injured because of the bed increases.

We also need to consider buying a dog bed that is waterproof. This will make our task of keeping the bed dry and comfortable for our pooch easy. This is one of the most sought-after features in dog beds.

Some dog beds have non-slip bottoms which acts as an additional safety feature for our pooch. This is one consideration if we intend to place his bed on a slippery and hard floor. This will also help ensure his bed stays in its original position despite his digging and jumping on the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog beds made in the USA good for joint pain?

There are certain types of dog beds that are a better choice if our pooch is suffering from joint pain. We need to consider not just the type of materials used for the cover, but the inserts as well. Orthopedic memory foam inserts work best in relieving pressure and joint pain in dogs.

How much do dog beds made in the USA cost?

The cost of dog beds made in the US will highly depend on the materials used in crafting the bed. On average, this can cost between $30-$300. Premium quality dog beds and those with orthopedic features usually cost more than regular dog beds.

Which is the best USA-made dog bed?

The best US-made dog bed is the bed that will best suit our pooch’s preferences. This is since dogs have different needs and preferences. Some dogs are okay with soft, regular dog beds while others prefer dog beds with memory foam.

It all depends on what our pooch needs and prefers. This is why we need to consider all details before choosing. But when it comes to this list, the best overall goes to Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed.

The fact that the Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is clinically proven to improve larger dog’s quality of life within 28 days makes it a winner. This is perfect for big dogs with joint and mobility issues. If our pooch came from a large breed, is in pain or has difficulty moving because of old age or an injury, then this is one of the best beds we can buy in the market.


Every pet parent wants the best for their pet. This includes giving our pooch the right pet bed that will ensure his comfort, safety, and good night’s sleep. This will give us inner peace knowing he can stay healthy and safe under our care.

Finding the perfect USA-made bed does not have to be so difficult. Thanks to the proud pet parents and experts who reviewed numerous dog beds, we get to have access to the best reviewed products. This makes our search a lot less tedious.

However, it is up to us to find the right pet bed out of the best ones listed above. There are so many things we need to think about and consider. It is not just about our budget.

Our dog’s comfort matters more than anything. This is why we need to consider all features before buying. As much as possible, think about our canine buddy’ special requirements first before we get too excited choosing which color to choose or which bed will best suit our interiors.

The good news is, we don’t have to worry much about the quality of dog beds made in the US. With the strict regulations imposed on US crafted goods, we can rest well at night knowing we made the right choice in terms of the materials used and the quality of the product. All that is left is to consider all important points so we can finally invest in a bed worthy of our pooch.