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best pet insurance for french bulldogs

Best Pet Insurance For French Bulldogs in 2021

Pet owners like us would do everything just to ensure our Frenchies are always happy and in perfect health. However, French Bulldogs are susceptible to many conditions and get injured or hurt due to many things. To give ourselves better financial peace of mind, it pays to invest in the right pet insurance.

Some say pet insurance is just an unnecessary expense. But in reality, this gives us the ability to keep up with his health and wellness costs. Pet insurance actually pays for itself as it can save us up to thousands worth of medical expenses.

Best Pet Insurance For French Bulldogs

Here are the best pet insurance for French Bulldogs:

Top Pick: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Key Features:

  • Customizable coverage plans
  • Add-ons available
  • Has a My Pet Insurance App
  • With free Member Center
  • Free online quote and enrollment
  • 90% covered costs reimbursement

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is many French Bulldog pet owner’s choice due to its customizable insurance plans. The company offers a complete coverage package system where accidents, illnesses, dental diseases, behavioral issues, and hereditary conditions are covered. They also offer accident-only coverage and preventive care coverage.

We can choose any specialist or vet we like with the ASPCA pet health insurance. They offer up to 90% covered costs reimbursement. Whether our pooch needs medical attention due to injuries, sickness, congenital conditions or hereditary illnesses, we can enjoy better peace of mind knowing he is covered.

Best Budget: Pets Best Insurance

Key Features:

  • Flexible coverage
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited annual plans
  • Accident coverage for all breeds and ages

Our top pick for French Bulldog pet insurance is the Pets Best Insurance. Their insurance policies are priced reasonably and offer excellent coverage to dog breeds of all ages and breeds. They offer fast claim turnarounds and their customer support is open 24/7.

Their waiting times are almost the same as other pet insurance providers. We need to serve at least 3 days before filing a claim for injuries, 14 days for illnesses, and 6 months for ligament conditions. They offer unlimited coverage options and annual deductibles.

Best Value: Embrace Pet Insurance

Key Features:

  • Coverage for Exam Fees
  • Up to 90% back
  • Diminishing deductible

Embrace is among the best pet insurance for French Bulldogs in the market. It offers exam fees along with up to 90% reimbursement for both illnesses and accidents. For routine care, pet owners like us have the option to avail of an optional Wellness Rewards program.

When getting a pet insurance quote, we can choose our yearly maximum claim limit, reimbursement, and deductible package. Know that there is a waiting period before making a claim. We need to serve 2 days before making a claim for injuries, 14 days for illnesses, and for orthopedic conditions, it will be 6 months waiting time.

First-Time Pet Parent’s Choice: Pet First Pet Insurance

Key Features:

  • No waiting time
  • No pre-cover examination
  • Covers dogs of all ages and breeds

Pet First is the go-to choice of pet owners who are looking for pet insurance that does not require a pre-cover examination. There is also no waiting time in making claims. This means we can already file a claim asap.

Pet First Pet Insurance covers many cases, including medications, emergency care, illnesses, and even  accidents, hospitalizations, and surgeries. This helps lessen our worries while ensuring he gets quality veterinary care as needed.

Crowd’s Favorite: PetPlan Pet Insurance

Key Features:

  • Excellent turnaround times
  • No signup fees and add-ons
  • Up to 30 days risk-free cancellation
  • Works for any licensed vet in Canada and in the U.S.

There are many things to like about PetPlan Pet Insurance. The company already has an excellent reputation thanks to their fast claims turnaround times, great customer service, and up to 1 month risk-free cancellation. There is no need for sign-up fees and pet owners can make a claim when visiting any licensed vet in Canada or in the U.S.

They offer complete sick visits ranging from $50-$250. They offer coverage to hereditary breed-specific conditions uncommon to many pet insurance providers. This is one reason why many prefer PetPlan Pet Insurance.

Is Having a Pet Insurance Worth it for my French Bulldog?

Some pet insurance companies exclude certain Frenchie conditions from their regular pet insurance policies. But like us, their human friends, it still makes sense to invest in pet insurance for our French Bulldog. This is not only to ensure his monthly medications, vet visits, and on-going costs are covered.

Pet insurance gives unbeatable coverage in case of a costly pet disaster. Our pooch may become seriously sick or injured. With a pet insurance to take care of the bills, we can put our focus on helping him recover and get better quickly.

Not all pet owners have enough money saved up for emergencies concerning our pooch. He may need to spend a few days in the vet hospital to recover or even undergo a surgery to save his life. Knowing we can enjoy almost up to 90% reimbursement is enough to bring back the smile on our faces and his health back on track.

Common French Bulldog Health Issues

Certain dog breeds have a history of common health issues. French Bulldogs are no exception since this breed is susceptible to many health conditions. This includes the following.

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Allergies
  • A Cleft Palate
  • Dry skin issues
  • Ear infections
  • Eye diseases (Cataracts, Entropion, Progressive Retinol Atrophy (PRA), and Cherry Eye)
  • French Bulldog Diabetes
  • Hemivertibrae
  • Obesity
  • Patellar Luxation

Exercise and Nutritional Needs

French Bulldogs may be of a small breed. But the does not mean they no longer need to exercise to stay healthy. For Frenchies, about 20 minutes of daily exercise can be enough. We don’t want him to be overexercised especially under the hot weather.

Frenchies have short muzzles. This makes it hard for them to cool down during exercise. Overexercising our pooch can lead to overheating and hyperventilating.

During very hot days, it is best to keep him indoors. He can still get his daily exercise with an indoor play session.We can resume to morning or afternoon walks when the weather us not hot.

As for his nutrition, we should keep an eye on his diet. Frenchies are prone to obesity. Talking to his vet is the best way to know what food and just how much we should feed him daily. They can recommend diet changes in case he gets too heavy for his size and age.

How Much is French Bulldog Insurance?

Pet insurance for French Bulldogs will depend on the provider we will be choosing. Some pet insurance providers offer cheaper pet insurance coverage while others are a lot more expensive. This is dependent on many things, including the kind of policy we want, the stage our Frenchie is in, our location, etc. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet Insurance For Your French Bulldog

Finding the best pet insurance for Frenchies is nowhere easy. There are lots of things to consider, including the following.

Rules of Enrollment

Not all pet insurance providers have easy enrollment. Most require a pet examination to rule out any pre-existing condition. For those that have no examinations required, they typically charge a higher monthly fee.

Note that most pet insurance companies have waiting periods. We need to serve their minimum waiting times before we can make a claim. This can be between a few days to a few months after our pet insurance’s effectiveness date.

Types of treatment covered

Pet insurance providers offer different plans. For one, we can avail an accident-only plan which will cover for mishaps and injuries. This does not cover routine check-ups and illnesses.

Others offer a complete care package. Aside from routine check-ups and coverage of certain illnesses, they also cover hereditary issues. Exploring our options, checking their claims procedures, and knowing what our pooch needs is the best way to choose which package to get for him.

Pricing And Reimbursement Levels

How much we have to pay for our Frenchie’s insurance will depend on many factors. The same goes for his type of coverage, reimbursement level, and deductible. Know that the level of reimbursement already means this is how much we can get reimbursed in the end.

Deductibles and Payout Limits

We will be paying a deductible depending on the policy we will be choosing. This is a fee we need to pay before the company approves the policy. There are also companies that offer deductibles per incident while others offer these per year.

Know that pet insurance companies also have payout limits. This is the cap of how much they will be reimbursing us for covered costs. This varies per year and is dependent on the lifespan of our pooch, and his condition or incident.


Not all insurance companies cover all conditions and incidents. This is why Frenchie owners should look into the policies carefully before buying. We want to make sure he gets the most of the policy we are paying for.


Pet insurance is a must-have for Frenchie pet owners who want better peace of mind against costly medical expenses. Unfortunately, no pet insurance company is created equal. Thankfully, pet parents have spoken and shared their experience with different pet insurance providers.

With this list, we can focus on some of the best pet insurance providers in the market. We only need to consider our Frenchie’s needs, and see which provider has policies that best suit our needs and situation. 

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