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7 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2023 (Review & Guide)

best outdoor dog kennel

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Outdoor dog kennels are a great investment for any pet owner. Dogs require adequate exercise yet some pet parents don’t have time to take them out for walks every single day. The solution we are looking for could be an outdoor dog kennel.

Since not all dog kennels are created equal, it can be tricky to find one that best suits our situation. To make our search easier, we can check this list for the best outdoor dog kennels available in the market.

7 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Choose the best outdoor dog kennel. Here are our top picks!

Best Overall: Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • With a secure door latch
  • With 1-year replacement warranty
  • Option for roof and rain cover
  • Comes in 3 sizes

The Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel is an affordable outdoor dog kennel made from strong, durable, and sturdy galvanized steel. The kennel is easy to clean, assemble, and rust-resistant. It comes in 3 sizes and can come with or without a roof and rain cover.

This is a good choice for dogs who often escape their kennels. It offers enough room to keep our pooch busy but secure enough to keep him in place. It offers easy access to pet owners, making it easy to clean the kennel and pick up our pooch.

Runner-Up: Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Dog Kennel (W/ Cover)

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Waterproof cover included
  • 1.5″ raised legs
  • With pre-assembled modular panels
  • Comes in 3 sizes

It is easy to see why many pet parents prefer the Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Dog Kennel. It is constructed with durability and stability in mind and already comes with a free rain cover. It offers protection against harmful UV rays while the coated galvanized steel keeps the kennel protected against rust and corrosion.

The raised legs make it easier for us to clean the kennel. The kennel makes a great cattery. It does not require any tool for assembly and already comes in pre-assembled modular panels.

Most Durable: SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Cage

Key Features:

  • Made from reinforced steel
  • Treated with multi-layer hammer-tone coating
  • Shipped partially assembled
  • Door and locking caster design
  • Comes in 2 colors and 3 sizes

The SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Cage is specifically designed to house the most powerful dogs. It is made from rugged, sturdy metal parts to keep strong dogs from escaping. Even the most aggressive canines can be kept secured in this well-ventilated and outdoor dog kennel.

We like that this kennel is made with our pooch’s safety in mind. Its manufacturers treated the kennel with a multi-layer hammer-tone coating to prevent scuffs, rust, scratches, and corrosions from ruining his health. It is very easy to clean, move and assemble, making our lives a lot easier.

Best Playpen/ Temporary Kennel: MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen

Key Features:

  • With 8 ground anchors
  • With 8 corner stabilizers
  • With 4 thumb snaps
  • No-toll assembly
  • With 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Step-thru door
  • Can connect to a crate

Looking for a temporary kennel that doubles as a playpen? Then, the MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen is our best choice. It is very easy to clean and assemble thanks to its no-tool assembly features. We can even connect it to create a den-like space for our pooch.

It has step-thru door features to make it easier for our pooch to enter the pen. This makes it easier to clean his space and fill his food and water bowls. It already comes with a –year Manufacturer’s warranty and is priced at a fraction of a cost compared to other kennels in the market.

Best Octagon Kennel: Advantek Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel

Key Features:

  • With pet-safe spring pin locking door
  • With a dropdown window
  • Double-coated galvanized steel frame
  • Polyester weather-resistant canopy
  • No-tool assembly
  • Modular design
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 7 colors

The Advantek Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel has a 360-degree design giving our pooch a spacious kennel to enjoy outdoors. It already comes with a weather-resistant canopy that protects him from the heat of the sun, wet rain, cold snow, and flying predators. Its compact and sturdy design is easy to assemble and can be easily transported.

It has a modular design, making it easy to connect many pet gazebos together. It has a drop-down window and pet-safe spring pin locking door to secure our pooch from wandering outside the kennel. This can be our go-to choice if we want a secure kennel for our pooch that will look great in our garden.

Best Large Outdoor Kennel: Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel with Roof Cover

Key Features:

  • Double-door design
  • High-quality nylon connectors
  • Expandable design
  • Weather-proof roof covers
  • 4’W x 4’L x 4.5’T

The Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel with Roof Cover is an easy to setup kennel perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with high-quality nylon connectors that enable no-tool assembly. It has a weather-resistant roof cover that keeps our pooch protected no matter the weather.

The kennel has a portable and expandable design making it easy to move and adjust the size according to our fur baby’s spatial needs. It easily connects to other dog cages, saving us time while spending quality time with our pooch. Even if we have to keep him outdoors for a long period of time, we can have that peace of mind knowing he stays safe inside his kennel.

Best Chain-Link Kennel: Midwest Homes for Pets Outdoor Kennel

Key Features:

  • Made from strong galvanized steel frame
  • Chain-link mesh construction
  • With free woven polyethylene fabric sunscreen
  • With secure latch
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee on all parts
  • Comes in 4 sizes

The Midwest Homes for Pets Outdoor Kennel is a super spacious outdoor kennel. It comes in 4 sizes and can cater small to extra-large breeds. It is made from high-quality galvanized steel to ensure quality and durability.

It comes with a free sunscreen that keeps our pooch comfortable even under the heat of the sun. The kennel is very easy to clean and maintain. The secure latch ensures the safety of our pooch while the full-entry door offers easy access for our fur baby.

Benefits of Outdoor Dog Kennels

Manage dogs while we run errands

There are things best done when our pooch is not hovering around us, chewing on our items, or running around the house. With an outdoor kennel, we can take a break from babysitting our fur baby and go on running errands and doing our chores. They can rest, play, and enjoy some alone time while staying on a spacious but secure space outside.

Allow dogs enjoy the great outdoors

Many pet parents want their fur babies to be able to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying for their safety. With an outdoor kennel, they can safely watch, smell and experience stuff. They won’t go wandering out in the streets or get in trouble even if we are indoors doing human stuff.

Allow our pooch to get more exercise

Dogs are typically more active when spending time outdoors. With an outdoor crate, they can do more than just sit and lie around. They can  jump, play, run around, and even keep themselves busy in a safe place even if we don’t have a fence in the yard.

Lets dogs tinkly or poop as necessary

Even the most trained dogs may need to poop or pee in between their bathroom breaks. If we don’t like the idea of our pooch holding it for long periods of time, then he can let himself go in an outdoor crate.

Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Dog Kennel


Some outdoor kennels are made from chain-link, steel wire, or expandable metal. Various materials provide different designs and durability. Consider the materials used to ensure we get the best kennel for his needs. 


Outdoor dog kennels come in different sizes that can house small to large breeds. The size of the outdoor kennel we will be choosing will depend on many factors, including the size of our pooch, if he will be sharing the kennel, and if we plan on putting other stuff inside his kennel. We need to consider these major sizing considerations before buying.


Some dog kennels have more than one door while others have double safety doors. Some have waist-high doors that enable easy access to dog owners without allowing dogs to escape easily. We need to gauge his tendency to escape when choosing the number and types of doors in a kennel.

Attachments for Food and Water

Some high-end kennels have attachments for food and water. If we prefer not to step inside the kennel when refilling his water and food bowl, then we can choose a kennel with attachments.


There are kennels that already come with a free cover. We want one that can protect our pooch against the sun, rain, and snow. For most pet owners, they prefer tarp-style covers for their dog’s outdoor kennels.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Dog Kennels

Here are some worthy safety tips to keep in mind when using outdoor dog kennels.

  • Never leave dogs in outdoor kennels during extreme weather
  • Ensure he has plenty of fresh water
  • Keep the cover to ensure his comfort
  • Test the kennel’s security by ensuing he cannot climb or jump out the kennel
  • Remove potential hazards inside the kennel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog kennels for?

Dog kennels are a great solution for pet parents wanting to give their pooch a safe place outdoors. Dogs can get more exercise while inside a kennel than a crate. Large and working dogs can spend more time under the sun and enjoy the great outdoors under confined and safe conditions.

Dog kennels enable pet owners to run errands and leave their dogs unattended without fearing for their safety. Kennels come in different styles, sizes, and materials.These are often used by dog owners, farmers, breeders, and shelters.

What’s the difference between dog houses and dog kennels?

Outdoor kennels can house multiple dogs for extended periods of time. Dog houses, on the other hand, are more like mini houses for dogs. These usually house a single dog and do not provide a secure space for dogs spending time outdoors.

How much are dog kennels?

These metallic constructions have different price ranges. It all depends on what materials are used to construct the kennel, how big the kennel is, and the company who manufactured the kennel. Some are more affordable than the others while the price does not dictate the quality of the kennel.


There is no need to settle on the first outdoor kennel we find as the market is never short of quality kennels for dogs. We need to consider all factors involved, including the size, materials used, price, and covers. Since our pooch deserves the best, it only makes sense to invest time in researching which kennel will best suit his outdoor needs.