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How To Travel With A Dog The Safest Way Possible

how to travel with a dog

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Wondering how to travel with a dog the best way possible? We’ve gathered the best tips for you, so keep on reading!

Many of us like taking our dogs everywhere we go. With our furry friend being the love of our life, it’s only natural to want to be with them almost all the hours of the day. However, traveling with your dog needs more preparation than simply picking up their leash and packing up their food and water.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling with your dog.

How To Travel With A Dog: What You Need To Pack

Just because it’ll be a short trip doesn’t mean only you get to pack your essentials. Dogs have more needs than just a feeder and water bowl, their favorite dog food and water.

Here is a short list of what you need to pack for your dog.

  • Dog food, treats, bottled water, and their feeding bowl
  • 2 Leash, spare collars with ID tag (one that has the contact number and address of the place you’ll be staying at)
  • A dog car harness to keep your dog safe
  • Your dog’s favorite blanket and dog toy
  • Waste bags and pooper scooper
  • Dog grooming products such as brush, paper towels, wet wipes, shampoo and flea control products
  • Regular medications your dog needs to take such as vitamins
  • Contact info of your dog’s vet
  • Your dog’s medical records like proofs of vaccinations and health certificates
  • First aid kit for your dog
  • List of dog-friendly places in your destination

How To Travel With A Dog By Plane

Booking a flight is the easiest way to arrive at your destination fast and easy. However, if you’re traveling with your best furry buddy, there safety precautions to consider. Why? Because for one, air travel is not advisable to dogs, especially to brachycephalic dogs.

Brachycephalic dogs are what we often call “pushed face” dogs. These are your canine buddies with short noses and flat faces such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs, chihuahuas, chow chow and Lhasa Apso. All these have short nasal passages that are susceptible to heat stroke and oxygen deprivation.

Here’s how to travel with a dog via plane the safe way.

  1. Make advanced arrangements before booking your flight. Call your airline and check there is space available for your dog. Don’t make a reservation without confirming this. Make sure to read your airline’s policy about traveling with pets.
  2. One or two days before your scheduled flight, call your airline again to reconfirm that you are traveling with your dog.
  3. Use an airline-approved carrier and prepare your dog by taking trips around town with your dog inside the carrier. Your carrier needs to be well ventilated, should have enough space for your dog to stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably. Mark with “live animal.”
  4. Exercise, feed, and make your dog drink 4 hours before your flight. Also, don’t arrive too early as you can only check in your dog for 4 hours before your flight.

How To Travel With A Dog Via Car

While driving on a car with your dog on board seems relatively easy enough, there are still things to consider to make sure you both are comfortable and can make the most out of your trip.

Here’s how to travel with a dog by car the safe way.

  1. Make sure your dog is wearing his collar with your contact number and address at all times. It pays to have your dog microchipped so that if they ever get lost, someone will know who your dog belongs to and where pr how to contact you.
  2. Restrain your dog while traveling. You don’t want to risk losing your pooch or for your dog to cause an accident. It’s best to secure your dog in the car seat with a dog car harness.
  3. It’s best not to let your dog stick its face outside the window. Don’t put your pooch on the front seat and never leave your dog alone in the car.
  4. Let them take their exercise and have their bathroom breaks every once in a while.
  5. It’s best not to feed them a few hours before traveling to reduce the risk of sickness.
  6. Give them a chew toy they can play with while inside the car.
  7. If you’re renting a car at your destination, make sure to let them know you’re traveling with your dog.

Finding Accommodations For Your Dog

Before booking a hotel, make sure to check if they allow pets and how their pet policy works. If you can’t bring your canine friend with you, then it’s best to find a pet sitter instead. Find someone you trust, like a family member or friend to watch over your pooch while you’re gone.

You can also find a paid dog sitter who will either bring your dog home or will check on your dog at your house as needed. Make sure to prepare everything they might need before leaving.

General Travel Tips On How To Travel With A Dog By Car

Safety should always be your priority when traveling. Here are a few tips for fun and safe travel with your canine buddy.

  1. Check the culture of the state or country you’re visiting. Check where the nearest dog-accommodating places are in your destination and the address of the nearest vet in case of an emergency.
  2. Take your dog to the vet for a check before the trip. Inform your dog’s vet about your planned trip, and they can give you a piece of advice on what steps to take to keep your dog healthy and safe.
  3. Upon arriving in your hotel, check the place for anything that can pose a threat on your dog. Secure your dog near the door while you move around your room. Leaving your scent before taking them inside can help them settle more quickly.
  4. Be aware of how your furry buddy reacts to people when traveling. Dogs exhibiting new behaviors such as growling or whining, is normal, especially when faced with people or situations unique to them. Reassure them that everything is alright. Watch out for signs of aggression as you don’t want to put yourself, your dog, or other people in danger when traveling.

Traveling with your furry buddy or moving to a new city with your pup can take a lot of preparation and hard work whether it’s by plane, car, or bike, but it’s always a rewarding experience knowing you get to travel and enjoy with your pooch. Now that you know how to travel with a dog safely, you can finally start planning your next trip.