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Cutest Small Dog Breeds: Top 10 Revealed

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Dogs come in different sizes – some are large, while others are cute in sizes. For those who just love the smaller dog breeds, which ones do you think deserves to be among the cutest small dog breeds in the world?

We’ve gathered some of the cutest small dog breeds in the world, written in alphabetical order. In no way are the following breeds mentioned according to rank, as everyone has a different definition of cute and small. Are you ready? Set, bark! 

Bichon Frise

A proud and preppy Bichon Frise named Flynn won the Best In Show in Westminster Dog Show 2018. If that is not enough reason to love this breed, then here are more reasons that can change your mind. 

If you’re looking for the best little ball of fluff, then look no further then the Bichon Frise. Their cheerful disposition topped with their playful and friendly attitude is what makes this breed stand out. The best part – the Bichon Frise’s white and velvety coat is hypoallergenic, making them the perfect fur baby for people allergic to dogs.

Boston Terrier

Rarely will you find a dog with a unique tuxedo coat as the Boston Terrier. This smart, amusing, adorable and equally mischievous cutie moves with a jaunty step, earning oohs and aahs wherever they go. But did you know that the Boston Terrier is the first official breed made in the US?

Boston Terriers are actually bred to fight. However, after dog fights, because illegal, they shrunk in size. Since 1979, this breed held the honor of being the first little dogs created in Massachusetts.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

When it comes to popularity, this gentle, affectionate and graceful breed is in 18th place according to the American Kennel Club. This puppy-eyed, happy, loveable and adaptable pooch is the perfect definition of an elegant yet athletic canine in a tiny package. 

They only weigh around 13-18 pounds, but their big heart and twinkling eyes make them one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world. They only grow about 13 inches high and are a go-to toy breed for families with small children. They can keep up with active owners, but will gladly become couch potatoes if their owners are rather laidback. The best thing about these furbabies besides their twinkling bright eyes and sweet and gentle personality is their rich-colored silky coat.


The Havanese breed is known for its charm, intelligence, and lively personality, capturing the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. This playful cutie makes it an excellent breed for owners who like to stay social and active. With the Havanese’ vivacious personality, these below 12 inches cuties become an easy favorite among American city dwellers.

A Havanese’s life expectancy is between 14-16 years. They have a very sociable personality, fluffy coat of silk and cute bodies. But what makes the Havanese breed stand out is that they can be excellent watchdogs and a natural trick dog at the same time. This could be the very reason why Cuba chose Havanese as its national dog.

Italian Greyhound

Not all dog lovers are attracted to fluffy dogs. Some are more drawn to sleek and elegant dog breeds such as the Italian Greyhound. They may look large in photos, standing in elegance and grace, but don’t be fooled. In reality, they only stand at over one foot, earning them a worthy spot as one of the world’s cutest small dog breeds.

If you like a miniature version of Greyhounds, then an Italian Greyhound is for you. These affectionate hounds would rather cuddle up in your lap than on your floor, get ready for tons of cuddle times if you plan on taking one home.

Norfolk Terrier

For fear-less dog lovers, you can count on a Norfolk Terrier to be right by your side no matter what. They may look like a regular lap dog, but there’s more to see when it comes to Norfolk Terriers. They are confident and feisty despite their 9-10 inches height, making them the perfect traveler’s dog.


If you like an energetic breed that loves learning new tricks and enjoys engaging in dog sports, then consider getting a Papillon. Many call this breed as the dog for all reasons and seasons thanks to its tiny body bu robust personality. A trivia worth sharing when it comes to Papillons is that the name actually meant butter in French. Why call a dog butterfly? Because their ears look like large wings ready to fly.


Another crowd-favorite and dubbed as one of the cutest small dog breeds there is are Pom-Pom or Pomeranians. Their fluffy coat and cute size is one that caught the hearts of many. But did you know that Poms weren’t always that little? 

Fun Fact: These used to weigh up to 30 pounds even though they now weigh around 3-7 pounds. Queen Victoria of England bred down Pomeranians into the size we came to know Poms.


Who doesn’t like pugs? These irresistible monkey faces partnered up with their charming but mischievous personality makes earned their place as one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world.

This cute-sized but muscular breed has millions of fans all over the world. Their adorable face and round pebble-like eyes make them an easy crow-favorite. If you plan on adopting a pug in your household, keep in mind that they thrive well in moderate climates.

Yorkshire Terrier

Out list of cutest small dog breeds is never complete without the Yorkshire Terrier. Even with their tiny bodies, their runway-ready appearance and sprightly and tenacious personality make them a must-have on the list. 

Fun Fact: The first therapy dogs was a Yorkshire Terrier. That’s right! This smart and obedient breed helped soldiers during World War II communicate under the enemy’s noses. The Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky toured tons of hospitals and works as a therapy dog for soldiers who got wounded during the war. Make a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat grow out, and it’ll put anyone’s mane to shame – even that of Rapunzel’s.

There are tons of other breeds that belong to the list of world’s cutest small dog breeds. However, we cannot deny that the breeds mentioned above deserve a place on the list. Which dog would you include in our list of cutest small dog breeds in the world? Comment down below and don’t forget to tell us the reasons why!