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Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair (2023 Buying Guide & Reviews)

best seat covers for dog hair

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Nowadays pets are starting to become an integral part of our lives.

Sometimes you have to travel with them, so they are often sitting in the back seat and becoming a mess which you have to clean up later.

The material of the seats in our cars is not pet-friendly, so things like dog hair, drool, food crumbs and the like are quite visible.

This is very unpleasant to see your clean car being messed up by your pet, so you may want something to protect the seats from this kind of damage.

Seat covers are becoming more and more popular among dog-owners who want to keep their seats clean inside of their car.

In this article, we have decided to show you the best seat covers for dogs, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for them yourself.

We also included some helpful information regarding the subject in general, so you know how to choose the best seat cover for your dog.

5 Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair

Best Overall: 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

Key Features:

  • With premium nylon, quick-release clip
  • With UV protected headrest
  • Used with color fast materials
  • No azo dyes, mercury, arsenic, and lead
  • With non-slip and high-temperature backing
  • Comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors
  • Lifetime guarantee

The 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock is easy to install, effortless to maintain, convenient to use, and a favorite among pet parents. It is perfect whether you and your pooch love to travel in small cars, SUVs, or trucks. It helps protect your car seats while giving your pooch a nice place to rest and stay during road trips.

Its waterproof and non-slip construction ensures no accidents will ruin your car seats. This is a perfect choice when you have kids, pets, or both lounging in the backseat. Don’t worry about the materials as this is made from premium and safe materials only.

Runner-Up: URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Key Features:

  • Hammock car seat cover
  • Side flaps with sippers
  • 100% waterproof and wearproof
  • With nonslip backing
  • With seatbelt openings
  • With adjustable headrest anchors
  • Comes in 2 sizes and 6 colors

The URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Dogs is one of the best seat covers for dogs. It has many features that ensure your convenience and your dog’s comfort and safety. It is very durable, waterproof, and wearproof, making it a reliable investment that can last for a long time.

Best for Anxious Dogs: Duke Dixie Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Non-slip backing
  • With 2 peats seatbelts
  • Comes with a dog travel bowl
  • Comes with a front and back seat cover

This dog car seat cover from Duke Dixie safeguards both your front and back seat from dog hair, drool, accidents, dirt, and mud. Its 2 restraining safety belt attachments keep your pooch safe and secure. It is also easy to clean, install, and uninstall, making your trips with your pooch better, easier, and more wholesome.

Best Waterproof Dog Seat Cover: Vailge Hammock Style Car Seat Cover

Key Features:

  • Convertible hammock/standard bench design
  • With side flaps
  • 2 waterproof layers (600D oxford with water-resistant coating and tpu bottom layer)
  • With non-slip surface
  • With built-in Velcro openings
  • Comes in 2 sizes

Taking your best friend on adventures is now made easier thanks to the Vailge Hammock Style Car Seat Cover. Its convertible design ensures your back seat stays comfortable and free from dog hair, dirt, and accidents. Its non-slip backing and safety leash ensures he gets to move around the backseat without worrying about his comfort and safety.

Best Budget: Gorilla Grip Original Dog Car Seat

Key Features:

  • With waterproof cover and non-slip base
  • With plastic buckles and headrest straps
  • Comes with a portable water bowl
  • Has a side pocket for storage
  • With a 10-year guarantee

The Gorilla Grip Original Dog Car Seat is one of the most affordable dog car seats in the market. It is easy to clean, slip-resistant, and has a double layer design to provide optimal protection against spills, dirt, and scratches. It also comes with a free portable water bowl to make \travels convenient for both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my seat from dog hair?

A seat cover is a quick and simple solution for this issue.

It will be protecting your seat from all the hair, drool, or any other mess your dog is making.

Are neoprene seat covers good for dog hair?

Neoprenes are waterproof and very durable, plus they are easy to clean, which makes them the perfect choice for pet owners.

They will surely protect your seats from any dirt and weather damages.

What is the best fabric for a seat cover?

Some fabrics are more durable than others, so it all comes down to your personal preference.

It is a good idea to look for soft fabrics, so your dog will feel comfortable sitting on them.

Are leather seats better for dog hair?

Leather seats are very easy to clean, so they are a good choice for dogs.

On the other hand, leather is not as durable as fabric, so it may not hold up very well if your dog is a chewer.

How do I clean a seat cover?

Seat covers that are made from fabric can be machine washed, while you will have to spot clean the neoprene seat covers.

It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you put them in a washing machine.


Protecting the inside of your car from all the damages caused by your dog is very important, so you should definitely get yourself a seat cover.

It is an easy solution for all the problems you might have in the future, so it’s definitely worth your money.

All of these products are high quality, durable and they will surely protect your car from any damages.

The only thing you have to do is choose the one which you like the most.

Each of these choices has its pros and cons, so it is completely up to you to decide which one is best for your car.

There are many different materials, shapes, and designs available on the market, so you will surely find one which fits your needs.

However, choosing the best one also depends on your dog, since some of them are better for small or big breeds.

No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that your car will be protected from those nasty dog hairs.