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7 Best Harness for Pugs: 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Pugs and in all their glory are one of the breeds that are tricky to put a collar on on. Their barrel chest and adorable squished face needs a harness that’s comfortable, secure, and durable.

Take your pug on walks with the best harness that comfortably fits. Choose from these pug harnesses and keep your dog happy and secure when you go about your daily walks.

Pug Harness vs Pug Collar

Collars on pugs can make it difficult for them to breathe. It can pull on their larynx and even put a strain in their face. Compared to a collar, a harness doesn’t put too much pressure on the neck, windpipe, head or nasal airways.

Harnesses can help you train your dog, control and even reduce your pup’s pulling behavior. Plus, there’s a chance a collar might slip off your pug’s head.

Over all, harnesses are best for pugs. These are more comfortable, breathable and adjustable than collars.

Best Harness for Pugs

Here are the best harness for pugs:

Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness

The Puppia RiteFit Soft Dog Harness is the perfect harness to have if you’re looking for an easy to use harness. With quick-release buckles, you can easily put it on and take it off. The adjustable chest belt ensures that your get a snug fit for your pup.

It has a D clip ring at the back for leash attachment. You won’t need to worry about any chaffing. This harness has a padded neck opening and a breathable, water-repellent air-mesh material.

Special Features

  • Adjustable neck girth
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Choke free and no-pull


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Soft and breathable material


  • The chest buckles are small and can be hard to open or close

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

If your pug loves walking and going on outdoor adventures, the Ruffwear Front Range Harness is the perfect choice for you. Made from durable nylon and lots of padding around the shoulders and chest area, this harness can keep your pup comfortable during your long walks. It doesn’t rub and provides you with several adjustment points for a comfy fit.

Special Features

  • Reflective trimming
  • Aluminum attachment rings are reinforced with webbing
  • Padded chest and belly panels
  • Tuck ID tags into the built-in pocket


  • Durable
  • Great for pullers
  • Easy on and off
  • Comfortable


  • Quite bulky

Chai’s Choice Reflective Dog Harness

Made from high quality nylon webbing, the Chai’s Choice Reflective Dog Harness is sure to last a long time. There’s extra padding inside and extra reinforcement spots all over. Your pug will definitely stay comfy walking as this harness also doesn’t pinch.

It has two leash attachment points on the back and on the chest. The reflective material will also make your dog stay visible during your early morning and late-night walks.

Special Features

  • Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material
  • Lightweight Duraflex buckle
  • Lightweight mesh lining with soft sponge padding
  • Two leash attachment points


  • Easy to fit
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Eliminates pressure from your dog’s neck
  • Scratch-resistant Oxford material
  • Supports injured or handicapped dogs


  • After the front adjustment strap has been made small enough to fit the dog, it is hard to slip it back over their head

Voyager Step-in

On hot days, the Voyager Step-in is an excellent choice for your pug. It’s made from breathable mesh material that will keep your dog cool during hot days and warm during cold days. From its name, this harness is easy to put on with its step-in design. Simply let your dog walk into the harness and clip.

Special Features

  • All-weather mesh
  • 2 reflective bands
  • Step in design
  • 3 Safety Features


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Enhance your pet’s visibility 
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • A bit bulky

Rabbitgoo Best No-Pull Harness

With two fast-release buckles, the Rabbitgoo Best No-Pull Harness is easy to put on and take off. Just slip it over your dog’s head, buckle up, adjust, and start walking. The four adjusting straps allows you to get a snug fit for your pug while the two different attachment clips helps you get side control and good pulling.

Special Features

  • 2 metal leash rings
  • Chest attachment clip 
  • 2 fast-release buckles
  • With top handle for additional control
  • 4 easy adjusting straps
  • Made of Nylon Oxford
  • Bright reflective strips


  • No pull, no choke
  • Great for dogs who tend to pull
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Adjustable and breathable


  • Hard to adjust as the straps don’t move very easily

PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness

The PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness is constructed from polyester making it strong and durable. It’s breathable and will keep your pug from overheating. Your dog will stay comfortable and secure with the back buckle and strap.

Special Features

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Strong buckle and metal D-ring
  • Adjustable clip


  • Durable breathable air-mesh material
  • Stylish


  • Can’t adjust around the neck

EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Harness

The EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Harness features a molded foam chest plate that can mold around your dog’s chest for a snug fit. There’s no discomfort whatsoever as the harness distributes the pressure evenly along the body.

It’s breathable so your pug won’t overheat. This harness has adjustment points that will keep your dog secure. It’s easy to use and comes in several sizes and colors.

Special Features

  • Ergonomic EVA foam chest plate
  • Heavy-duty EzyDog quick-clip buckles
  • High-visibility reflective stitching
  • Rustproof stainless steel welded D-ring leash attachment


  • Award-winning innovative and comfortable cross-fit design
  • Easy on and off
  • Nighttime visibility


  • May run small for oddly shaped dogs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pug Harnesses


Always check what material the harness is made from. It should be breathable and lightweight. Does it also have a reflective material? If you love walking your pug during early mornings and late nights, you might want to consider investing in a harness that features reflective strips.


How is the harness’ design? Is it great for flat-faced breeds and wide chests? Double check to make sure that the design of the harness won’t make it uncomfortable for your pug.


Choose a pug harness that’s easy to put on and take off. Though not absolutely necessary, harnesses with padding can protect your pup from rubbing and chaffing. And don’t forget to get one that’s adjustable so you can get a snug fit for your dog and not have to worry about a harness that’s too loose or too tight.

Harness Type

Depending on how you want to use the harness, you might want to buy the right harness type for your pug. Here are several types to choose from.

  • Vest – This type is designed as a clothing meant to be worn as a piece of clothing. This is a great option if you simply want to go on short walks. It works best with well-behaved dogs and don’t pull.
  • Front Clip – This harness has its clip positioned in front or the chest area. This is great for pugs who have the tendency to pull as it restricts the general movements and shoulders.
  • Back Clip – This helps avoid putting pressure on your dog’s throats and helps distribute the force when he pulls. The leash attachment is found at the back.
  • Front and Back Clip (Dual Clip) – This is a combination of the front clip and back clip. You can choose to use one of the two clips or use a double-ended training lead to attach both to both.