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5 Best Dog Houses for Hot Weather

best dog house for hot weather

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Pet parents want only the best for their pets, and that includes investing in the best dog house in the market.

With the summer sun waving and enticing our pooch to spend more time playing outdoors, we must not forget about his susceptibility to the warm weather.

This is why when buying him a dog house, we need to find one that will provide him relief.

Lucky for us, the experts and pet parents have answered our call to find some of the best dog houses in the market.

To avoid our pooch from overheating, we can simply compare the following dog houses and see which one will best suit our budget and our canine buddy’s dog house requirements.

5 Best Dog Houses for Hot Weather

Here are our top picks for the best dog house for hot weather!

Best Overall: Petsfit Wooden Dog House

Key Features:

  • Finnish spruce panels
  • Cedar material
  • Door flap included
  • Open-up waterproof roof
  • Removable raised floor with adjustable feet 
  • Additional support rails
  • Insulation kit sold separately
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • With a 1-Year Manufacturer’s warranty

The Petsfit Wooden Dog House is a high-quality outdoor dog house that offers excellent weather protection for our pooch. It comes in 3 colors and 3 sizes, giving us many options to choose from. Now, our pooch can enjoy his own space outside the house without us worrying about his comfort.

It already comes with a plastic flap door, additional support rails, a waterproof roof that opens up for easy cleaning. The dog house has a raised floor and adjustable feet. This allows us to adjust the dog house and make it easier for our best friend to get in and out of his dog house.

We love how easy it is to assemble this dog house. The manufacturers use cedar, which makes it less prone to rotting. The insulation kit is also another worthy investment if we want our pooch’s house to be extra comfortable.

Runner Up Dog House: Trixie Dog Club House

Key Features:

  • Solid pine construction
  • Weatherproof sealing
  • off-center door
  • durable composite shingles
  • Open-up roof
  • Removable floor
  • hard plastic feet
  • Comes in 3 sizes

The Trixie Dog Club House is one stylish dog house perfect for the summer heat. It comes in 3 sizes that suits any dog’s dog house requirements. It is made from solid pine, making it durable and low-maintenance.

Its off-center door and weatherproof sealing provides enough protection against heavy wind and rain. We can pop the roof open for extra ventilation. The composite shingles only add into the roof’s durability.

The dog house is fairly easy to clean. It also has hard, plastic feet we can adjust according to our pooch’s requirement. Even on uneven grounds, this dog house stands proud ready to keep our pooch safe and comfortable outdoors.

Best For Small Dogs: Merry Pet Wood House

Key Features:

  • Kiln dried wood
  • Natural stain colors
  • Natural insulation features
  • Removable roof top
  • Raised and removable bottom panels
  • instructions and hardware included
  • Comes in 2 sizes and 2 styles

For our small pooch, we can count on the Merry Pet Wood House to ensure our pooch gets to choose between a barn type dog house or a wood room with a view. If we choose the latter, he gets to enjoy two views–one from the dog house on the lower level, or the balcony on the second floor of the dog house. We also have the option to choose the barn style, which features a cute terrace.

The dog house is easy to assemble as it already comes with an instruction manual and hardware. The dog house is made from wooden, which already acts as a natural insulation against the summer heat. Now, he stays cool in the summer and warm during winter.

The removable floor and roof makes maintenance quite effortless. The dog house can withstand humidity while giving off the fr4esh, natural wood scent. The wide door and spacious interior makes it an ideal summer dog house for small dogs.

Best Budget: Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

Key Features:

  • Traditional design
  • Slanted asphalt roof
  • Sealed protective coating
  • Offset door
  • Raised floor
  • Adjustable feet
  • Solid wood & stainless-steel hardware
  • Comes in 4 sizes

The Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin is too cool for the summer thanks to its durable construction, perfect for the harsh weather. It is made with solid wood, sealed protective coating, and stainless steel hardware to ensure the dog house’s long-lasting construction. Its offset door, slanted roof, and traditional design make pet owners fall in love with this dog house all over again.

Its adjustable feet ensure the dog house is at our pooch’s comfortable height. It serves as an excellent outdoor retreat for our pooch who loves the winter as much as the summer. Note that this dog house is best for small and medium-sized dogs.

Best Plastic Dog House: Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty resin
  • Crowned floor
  • Vinyl door
  • Lightweight construction
  • Integrated air-flow system
  • 70 lbs weight limit

Tired of putting up dog houses that require tools and an instruction manual? Then the Suncast Outdoor Dog House can be the perfect solution for our assembly woes and our pooch’s summer dog house woes. We only need to snap the pieces in place and he can already enjoy his brand new dog house.

The dog house itself was made with heavy-duty resin, making it durable but still lightweight. It has a removable vinyl door that we can install during the rainy days. The removable floor helps ensure fast and effortless cleaning.

The integrated air-flow system ensures our pooch gets just the right amount of ventilation no matter the weather. Its affordable price helps seal the deal for most pet parents who are not into wooden dog houses.

How to Cool Down a Dog House

Even with a dog house optimized for summer, there are other things we can do to boost our pooch’s comfort level when using his dog house. Simple changes can help in cooling down his dog house for the summer.

Choose the Right Material

The worst thing we can do for our pooch is to get hm a dog house made from metal. Remember that metal attracts heat. Plastic dog houses are often affordable but can deteriorate quickly under the heat of the sun. For best results, choose dog houses made from wood.

Consider the Location

Even in dog houses, location means everything. The more exposed his dog house is to the sun, the easier it will be for the dog house to heat up. We need to think of a place where the dog house can get lots of shade, like under a shady tree or our covered porch.

We also need to consider the floor where we will place the dog house. Concrete floors hold up to heat while bare soil releases heat, making the dog house feel hotter. Grass is often an ideal option as it serves as an extra insulation for the dog house.

Don’t forget about the direction of the wind. We want the door of the dog house to be parallel to the direction of the wind. This will ensure the relaxing breeze gets to circulate inside his new home.

Add Insulation

Most pet owners think insulation is only for the cold weather. But in reality, dog houses also need adequate insulation to cool. Adding an extra layer of insulation can help reduce heat transfer inside the dog house.

Some dog house manufacturers offer a separate insulation kit. We can also consider other alternatives, like some plywood boards or foam. Use these on the roof and walls and keep ventilation holes open.

Keep it Elevated

Propping up the dog house is another way to improve air flow while preventing dirt and water from collecting inside the dog house. Thankfully, most dog houses come with adjustable feet. These help prevent the heat coming from the ground heating up the floors of the dog house.

Use Water and Ice

Using a water hose or sprinkler around the dog house keeps the surrounding areas cool and the roof. This, in turn, help stop heat from getting inside the dog house. If he has an elevated dog house. Filling a large container with ice and putting this underneath helps the dog house cool off during really hot weather.

Additional Accessories

There are other accessories we can buy for our pooch. 

  • Cooling beds provide extra relief during extra hot days.
  • Ceiling fans give our pooch a comfortable breeze without using up too much electricity.
  • Exhaust fans remove hot air from the dog house while pulling the cool air inside.
  • Portable air conditioning units can be a good choice if we want ultimate cooling power and control for our canine buddy’s dog house.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog House

Buying a dog house is never easy. The amount of dog houses in the market makes it seem like an impossible task. But to make the search a little easier, ee need to consider the following factors.


Not all pet parents have a big budget to blow for a dog house. Luckily, some brands offer affordable dog house options that are also of high-quality. No matter our budget, we can find a dog house that suits our restrictive budget.


The materials used in the dog house will determine the durability of the dog house, the comfort levels of our pooch, and how protected he will be during extreme weather. Many experts suggest dog houses made from wood since these provide the best insulation during summer. If we want a more affordable option that is also durable, we can consider plastic dog houses.


We can’t ignore ventilation, as this is one factor that can help cool our pooch during summer. We need to find a dog house with just enough ventilation to ensure his comfort and safety while using the dog house. Remember that our pooch sweats on his footpads.


Elevated dog houses offer heat protection against the hard and warm floors. It is best to choose a dog house with adjustable feet. This will help keep him a few inches from the ground while making it easier for him to get inside and out the dog house.


Don’t think that insulation is only good for the winter. Dog houses heat up quickly without proper insulation. If we made a mistake of buying a dog house that is not well-insulated, we can always invest in an insulation kit.


Size matters not only when choosing a dog bed, but in dog houses as well. We need to make sure there is more than enough room for him to move around and find a great spot for resting and sleeping. For best results, we need to consider our pooch’s size when sitting and standing up.

For anxious dogs, we should not make the dog house too big. He will find it more comfortable if we provide a den-like dog house. But if he has no anxiety issues, we can go big to provide more space.


Some dog owners don’t mind a dog house that requires a bit of assembly. But if it is only us with our pooch back home, we can opt for easy to assemble dog houses. There are some dog houses with parts that snap in place, eliminating the need for tools and instruction manual.


Plastic dog houses often deteriorate easily under the summer heat. This is why experts often recommend wooden dog houses. But if we have a shady area to place the dog house, we can opt for a plastic dog house instead.

Easy to Clean

No pet owner wants to spend more than a few minutes cleaning a dog house. One simply doesn’t have enough time for that. This is why we need to consider a dog house that our pooch can easily access, one that is easy to clean and effortless to maintain.


Not all dog houses are pet-safe. We need to consider the materials used to ensure it has no toxic substances that can harm our pooch. This is why we ought to read product descriptions and do a bit of research before investing in any dog product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is too hot for a dog?

Most dogs can already feel discomfort when the temperature reaches 26 Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Prolonged exposure to temperatures at least 29 Celsius of 85 degrees Fahrenheit can already make dogs feel overheated and dehydrated.

Do dogs need shelter during summer?

The short answer is yes. Dogs can feel overheated when staying under the sun for too long. Providing him with a dog house of his own ensures he has a nice place to stay and cool off after an eventful play under the sun.


Dog houses are a must, especially during the hot weather. Our pooch requires a place to rest and cool off after chasing squirrels, playing with us in the backyard, or while enjoying a lazy afternoon. Keeping this list in mind and making sure we consider all the must-haves when choosing a dog house will help us ensure we get to invest in the best dog house for our fur baby.