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Best Dog Bike Trailers in 2023 (Our Top Picks!)

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Most pet parents want to enjoy activity with their pooch. If biking is one activity we can’t live without, then we ought to buy a bike trailer where our pooch can ride. This way, he can tag along safely without getting tired.

But then, there are so many dog bike trailers sold in the market. How can one decide which one to invest in?

If there is one thing for sure, we need to ensure the bike trailer we will be investing in is safe, durable, high quality, and fits our bike and our budget.

To make our quest easier, the experts have reviewed some of the dog bike trailers beloved by pet parents.

9 Best Dog Bike Trailers

Here are the best dog bike trailers to buy in 2023.

Best Overall: Tail Burley Wagon Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • Removable floor
  • Flip-down tailgate
  • Heavy-duty mesh cover
  • Cover for all weathers
  • Waterproof zippers
  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Comprehensive limited warranty
  • 57 lbs weight capacity
  • 36.61 x 31.1 x 31.89 inches
  • Yellow/black color

The Burley Tail Wagon Bike Trailer is one impressive bike trailer because of its design, suspension, and durability. Many pet owners believe the trailer is worth every penny, as it is one of the best bike trailers available in the market.

Besides its spacious interior, it works great even on crappy asphalt, bumpy gravel roads, and other challenging terrains.

We like that it already includes an all-weather cover, a removable floor that’s easy to clean, and waterproof zippers. The heavy-duty mesh ensures our pooch feels comfortable inside the trailer while enjoying the magnificent view.

Its fast-action folding system is another feature that makes this bike trailer a favorite among pet parents.

Runner Up: Thule Cadence Bicycle Trailer

Key Features:

  • With flag and roll down cover
  • Thule’s patented ezHitch
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Easy folding
  • Extra storage
  • 100 lbs max weight recommendation
  • Bicycle Trailer Kit included
  • 54 x 30 x 35.8 inches
  • Green color

If what we are after is a dog bike trailer for 2 medium dogs or for 1 large canine, then we can trust the Thule Cadence Bicycle Trailer to get the job done. It has a spacious interior and folds easily for storage and transporting.

We can ensure our canine buddy’s safety thanks to its patented ezHitch secure bike attachment.

It already comes with a bicycle trailer kit. We simply need to attach the trailer on our bike and we can start road cycling, city riding, or bicycle touring.

We can stay active with our pooch while he gets to enjoy the view in his spacious carrier.

Best for Large Dogs: PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Front and side mesh windows
  • Safety tether inside
  • Easy to connect trailer hitch
  • 3 storage pockets
  • Compatible with Shimano gear set
  • Comes in 2 sizes

If we are after a dog bike trailer from a trusted pet product company, then we can go for the PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Bike Trailer. Its durable construction is made from lightweight materials.

It is designed to give our pooch maximum airflow to ensure he gets to breathe easily even when the mesh windows are closed.

It already comes with a sunroof, allowing our canine buddy to sunbath as we ride on our bikes.

It has a comfy cushion for maximum comfort and already has a safety leash to keep our pooch secure in place. We also like how waterproof the front door is, keeping our pooch dry.

Best Value: Schwinn Rascal Tow Behind Pet Trailer

Key Features:

  • Rear doggy-door entry
  • Folding brake
  • Trailer liner with washable and non-slip area
  • Adjustable leash
  • Unique folding fame
  • Universal coupler
  • Quick release wheels
  • Comes in 3 colors and 2 sizes

One of the most affordable and easy to assemble dog bike trailers in the market is the Schwinn Rascal Tow Behind Pet Trailer. It comes with a rear door for our pooch, ensuring our pooch never leaves our sight.

He stays comfortable and safe thanks to the trailer’s spacious interior, washable liner, sunroof opening, and leash attachment.

It has a high weight capacity and universal coupler that can attach to most bikes. It is lightweight, durable, and packs up neatly for effortless storage.

Our pooch can enjoy a smooth ride if we invest in this cost-effective bike trailer for dogs.

Best Mid-Priced Dog Bike Trailer: Solvit HoundAbout Trailer

Key Features:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Ventilated mesh windows
  • Safety tether
  • With reflectors
  • 3 storage pockets
  • Compatible with Shimano gear set
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Red color

The Solvit HoundAbout Trailer is a durable and lightweight dog bike trailer that easily connects to bikes with Shimano gear set. its ventilated windows offer a pleasant view and enough air circulation to keep our pooch feeling comfy inside.

It already comes with a safety tether and reflectors, improving his safety and security.

It has 3 storage pouches where we can keep his essentials when biking. This is suitable for dogs under 50 lbs.

It comes with a single rear door for easy access, air-filled tires for easy refill, and easy to fold design for easy storage.

Most Durable: ibiyaya Heavy Duty Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • Spacious front and rear entry
  • Removable scratch-resistant padding
  • Quick release swivel wheel
  • Bike connecting tube included
  • With cup holder and storage pocket with cover
  • Reflector plates
  • 66 lbs weight limit
  • With non-toxic rain cover
  • Comes in 3 colors

Heavy-duty bike trailers can be hard to find. Thankfully, ibiyaya granted us this dog bike trailer. It has a very spacious two-way entry, mesh windows, and shock-absorbing rubber wheels for a flawless ride.

Our pooch can now enjoy lazy afternoons with our daily ride at the bike terrains. We don’t even need to bring his own bag as it already comes with 3 storage poaches and an extra cup holder for us.

Practical, cost-effective, and long-lasting are the 3 words that best describe this bike trailer for dogs.

Best for Smaller Dogs: Instep Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • Mesh windows
  • Air-filled tires and quick-release wheels
  • With 5 point harness and security flags
  • Folding frame
  • 2-in-1 canopy
  • 80 lbs maximum weight limit
  • Comes in 4 colors and 2 sizes

The Instep Bike Trailer was intentionally made for small children. But that does not mean we can’t use this for our fur babies. It can fit our fur baby.

It comes with a safety seat harness and weather-screen, making this bike trailer a comfortable trailer for dogs too.

Storage and transport are never a concern, as it folds effortlessly. Its air-filled tires and quick-release wheels ensure a smooth ride even on tough terrains.

It easily attaches to most bikes, so we don’t have to worry about making an upgrade just to make it fit our existing bikes.

Best for Medium-Sized Dogs: Instep Quick-N-EZ Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • 16-inch pneumatic tires
  • quick-release wheel
  • five-point harness
  • folding-frame design
  • 2-in-1 canopy
  • 80 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • 8 x 28.7 x 34 inches
  • Comes in 3 colors

If we want a cool dog bike trailer with fun colors, then we can opt for the Instep Quick-N-EZ Bike Trailer. It comes in orange, blue, and green colors. Our pooch will surely look fashionable trailing behind us as we go biking with the family.

Its 2-in-1 canopy keeps bugs away while giving our pooch a nice view of the great outdoors.

The trailer has a quick-release wheel and a folding frame design to make storage easy. Since it can carry dogs up to 80 lbs, smaller canines can share the space.

Best Bike Trailer/Carrier: Burley Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Key Features:

  • Removable floor
  • Flip-down tailgate
  • 75 lbs weight capacity
  • All-weather cover
  • 16-inch quick-release wheels
  • Stroller kit compatible
  • Fast-action folding system
  • 36.61 x 31.1 x 31.89 inches
  • Color Yellow and Black

The Burley Tail Wagon is a trusted company thanks to its quality and long-lasting bike trailers. The trailer itself is comfortable for dogs and very easy to maintain. The wheels offer a smooth ride no matter the terrain.

No matter the season, this bike trailer can catch up with our active lifestyle. We can fold it easily after an eventful day of biking and clean removable floor padding to make it ready for the next ride.

It is also leash-friendly, as it features rings on the front and side where we can secure our pooch.

How to Choose a Dog Bike Trailer

Choosing a bike trailer for our pooch is never a simple task. We need to make sure the trailer itself is comfortable, heavy-duty, and terrain-friendly.

With all the things we need to consider, it’s tricky to find one that suits our baby’s needs and our active lifestyle.

Thankfully, the experts have spoken. Here are some things we ought to look for when choosing a dog bike trailer for our best friend.


The materials used to build the bike trailer are one thing we cannot afford to take for granted.

This will dictate the weight of the trailer itself and how much weight it can carry. It will also tell if the bike trailer is weatherproof, durable, breathable, or expensive.

Steel frames are more durable but heavier. Aluminum. is lighter. Steel frame is a better choice for heavier dogs.

Some dog bike trailers have solid fabric, making it hard for air to circulate. It is best to stick to mesh fabrics to ensure breathability. This also gives our pooch a better view when biking.

If we live somewhere where it often rains, then we want to invest in a weatherproof bike trailer.

This will protect him against both sun and rain. We also need to consider the wheels and tires or else we might end up buying a bike trailer that can’t easily navigate rougher terrains.


Almost all dog bike trailers have warranties. Some offer limited warranty while others at least a year warranty. It is best to buy one with a good warranty to give our trailer added protection.


The size of our canine best friend will determine the size of the trailer. We want something more than just a trailer where he can snuggly fit. It needs to have more space for him to find a comfortable spot to sit.

We need to check his length, height and width when sitting.

Then we can compare the dimensions of the interior to make sure he fits and there’s extra room for moving.We want to make sure he stays comfortable even during long rides.


It can be tricky enjoying a nice biking day if the pet trailer is making it hard to move and maneuver our bikes. This is why handling is among the most important factors to consider. 

Failure to consider the handling can decrease our comfort levels and even put our pooch’s safety at risk.

The weight of our pooch, trailer, and our bike itself can impact the handling. We also need to consider the following in mind.

  • going uphill can feel like towing a trailer
  • going downhill can feel like pulling a parachute
  • accelerating can require more effort
  • taking wide corners is a consideration


When cycling over gravel roads, we ought to find dog bike trailers with suspension.

Suspension matters since this helps lessen the impact of riding while we pass bumpy roads. This will help keep our pooch comfortable even when navigating rough terrains.

But if we only plan on using the trailer on paved roads and bike paths, we can skip the suspension feature. Suspension is really an added feature for bikers who often pass through bumpy roads.


We need to remember that the bike trailer’s construction matters not only because this will dictate the durability of the trailer. This can also affect our own safety of our canine buddy.

Cheaply constructed trailers may look good on our own budget. But this can compromise the quality, safety, and security of the trailer.

We need to find a trailer with durable frames and high-quality fasteners or connectors.

A durable bike trailer can cover thousands of miles without failing easily. Check review to be sure that our investment is made to last and can cater to our biking requirements.


Some dog bike trailers have dividers. We can use this to bring along two dogs at once while giving each other their own space to enjoy.

Some dogs don’t mind sharing some things but we ought to provide them their space when riding for our own peace of mind.

We can also use the other space for extra storage. This helps to keep ourselves free from additional carry-on.

We can bring more than just his essentials, but our own snacks and other must-haves as well.

Other Features

Dog bike trailer manufacturers would include certain features that can be good-to-have for pet parents. While it would be nice to have the extra bit of space, not everyone needs another space to clean up.

The following states the other features we can find on dog bike trailers sold in the market.


Some dog bike trailer manufacturers will sell additional attachments for a price. Some would include a jogger of stroller.

This can be perfect if we want a convertible dog bike trailer to fit our other fitness needs.

When nursing old, injured or mobility-limited dogs, we ought to find a versatile bike trailer that can turn into a carrier or stroller.

This way, there is no need to make a separate purchase just to ensure his comfort and safety.

There are some that has ski attachments. This can be a good choice if it snows for a few months. We can take our pooch skateboarding, just for fun.

Safety Flag

Tall safety flags serve as another safety feature. This is extremely helpful if we plan on taking our pooch in a busy urban setting.

This will help other people know that a bike or two is nearby and that drivers should slow down.


Not all dog bike trailers are sold in bold colors. But there is a good reason to get one in a color one can easily spot from a mile away. For one, it can look great and our pooch can ride in style.

Second, this doubles as an extra security feature for other people and drivers. Having a dog bike trailer with reflectors can also alert other people on the road that we are carrying an important cargo.


Some dog bike trailers only have a rear entry. Others have a single front entry. Others have both rear and front entry.

Aside from keeping our pooch safe, the entry points can make it easier or harder for dogs to get in and out of the trailer.

If our pooch gets scared easily or has a tendency to run off, then it is best to choose a trailer with a single point of entry and exit. This will make it easier for us to monitor him.


Some bike trailers offer limited pockets for storage. But since we will be driving the bike, then we need to make sure our hands are free.

We can also get rid of the need to bring our own backpack when we can simply put our and our dog’s essentials on the dog bike trailer.

Rain Cover

Not all bike trailers have rain covers. Some have rain covers sold separately while others already comes with a free cover.

If we are low on budget, then we ought to find a bike trailer that already has a rain cover included in the package.


There will be times when we need to unhitch the trailer from our bike. Kick-stands make it easier to support the weight of the trailer and keep our pooch in place as we do this. This way, our dogs can avoid panicking when we try to lower their trailer to the ground.


Some bike trailers for dogs are more stylish than others. Some pet parents simply want one that is durable and functional. Others will spend more just to give their pooch a head-turning ride.

Why Use a Dog Bike Trailer?

Pet parents can have varying reasons for needing a dog bike trailer. The usual reasons are as follows.

We got a sick, puppy, or older dog

Some dogs can’t keep up with our physical activities. Puppies are not able to catch up when we ride our bikes while sick and old dogs lack the energy to do so.

With a dog bike trailer, we are giving him the chance to enjoy the great outdoors without making him tired.

Our pooch loves tagging along but hates the exercise

Some dogs have separation anxiety. Others simply love tagging along but can’t keep up because of their short legs or short nose. He may not be into exercise, but we would still love to have him around while we go biking.

Our pooch lacks the discipline to run safely while we bike

Some dogs lack the training to run alongside us as we enjoy the great outdoors. Others are simply not that disciplined to tackle such a big task.

The solution is to secure him in a dog bike trailer so he can still enjoy the view from the safety of their own space.

Safety Equipment When Using Dog Bike Trailers

It pays to invest in safety equipment to improve his safety while inside the bike trailer. The good news is, some bike trailers already come with the following features.

Safety flags

These are mounted on long poles. Safety flags help increase visibility during the day.


These make it easier for motorists to see the trailer during the dark. This means we can go biking with our pooch in his trailer and have fewer worries knowing other drivers can see the trailer with the help of the reflector.

D-rings or interior leash ties

It is advisable that we keep our pooch secured in his leash to the trailer even while inside the trailer. This way, he says in place and we won’t worry about him running off the first chance he gets.

Safety straps

These are used as backup tethers. This will ensure the trailer is attached to the bike in the event the hitch fails.

Safety Tips When Using the Dog Bike Trailer

These are but a few steps we can take to improve the safe of our canine buddy while using the dog bike trailer.

  • Always secure the dog before riding
  • Wear a helmet and get him his own helmet too
  • Start slow and short
  • Slow down the speed before turning
  • Avoid stopping suddenly by putting in more distance when stopping

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I introduce my dog to the bike trailer?

Some dogs are nervous about trying new things, like our newly bought bike trailer. We can start by allowing our pooch to check the trailer out. Once he is comfortable with it, we can try coaxing him to get on it.

We can use his favorite treats or toys to make him go inside the trailer and stay. Never push him or try to rush the process, or he might get scared of it for good.

Once he is comfortable being inside the trailer, we can take the next step by attaching this to our bike and telling him to hop on the trailer.

Secure him in place, close the entry door and start pulling slowly. Once we see that he is enjoying the view, we can now start increasing our speed.

Don’t forget to praise him and give him another treat for being a brave boy.

What are dog bike trailers?

Dog bike trailers are non-motorized, cart-like vehicles with a built-in canopy. Dogs can ride inside the trailer and we can attach this to our bike so we can take them for a spin.

The trailer keeps them comfortable and safe while we paddle through bumpy roads, bicycle lanes, and other terrains.

Dog bike trailers make it easier for dogs to tag along while exerting no effort at all.

Sick, senior, injured, and pups can experience riding alongside us and enjoy the outdoor view. It also gives us more reasons to enjoy our bike knowing our pooch is beside us at all times.

How do I attach the dog bike trailer to my bike?

We need a universal hitch to attach the dog bike trailer securely to our bike’s axle. If our bike has bolted axes, we need to remove this first, put the dog bike trailer hitch and secure the bolt once again.

We will need a hitch adapter if our bike has an internal gear within its wheel hub.

Some bikes have a quick-release axle. We need to remove the skewer, insert it in the hitch opening, push the skewer back in the axle and secure.

We need to make sure the latch is pushed securely and the hitch will automatically correct its position.


Every bike trailer for dogs on the list is tested and approved by both pet parents and the experts. Now, we only need to review our needs and preferences before making a final choice.

Our final choice will depend on our budget, the needs of our pooch, and if it will fit our bikes.

It may not be an easy choice, considering the nine listed above are all fine choices. But we know our pooch better than anyone.

We may have different bikes than other pet parents. We just need to consider all variables and see which fits our checklists the most.