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10 Best Dog Water Shoes (2023 Reviews)

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As pet parents, we cannot help ourselves but to take our pooch wherever we go. No matter the season, we want him to get his regular doses of walks. But then, his delicate paws and the slippery and dangerous pavements can pose a threat to the love of our life.

Thankfully, dog shoes are available in all sizes and shapes, helping us protect his paws and feet. It may take a bit of practice before he gets used to wearing his boots. But once he gets the hang of it, he can now enjoy the snow, play in the rain, or even navigate river rocks on our next camping trip.

With dog shoes, we want something that will keep his feet dry and comfortable. We need to find dog shoes that are breathable, non-slip, made from high-quality materials, and fairly easy to put on and remove. To help us check which water shoes are among the best in the market, we can rely on the list below.

10 Best Dog Water Shoes

Here are our top picks!

Best Overall: Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Shoes

Key Features:

  • Durable rubber sole
  • Upgraded heel guard
  • Water- and puncture-resistant
  • Elastic reflective straps
  • Available in 4 sizes

With the Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Dog Shoes, we no longer have to worry about our dog’s safety and comfort. The materials used in these shoes are breathable and helps him walk with ease no matter what. The premium and non-skid soles make these shoes an excellent choice for larger dogs.

The downsides we found on these shoes are the fact that there are no sizes available for smaller dog breeds and that the shoes are not waterproof enough.

Runner Up: GGR Outdoor Waterproof Pet Shoes

Key Features:

  • Nylon buckles
  • Suede-like microfiber
  • Waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-skid
  • Available in 3 sizes

If we are looking for a budget-friendly option, then these GGR dog water shoes can be a great choice. These dog water shoes are comfortable to wear, water-resistant, and are already anti-skid. Medium to large-sized dogs will love using these affordable but quality pet shoes.

These shoes come in sizes 5-8. But owners of smaller dogs, these shoes a tad big for smaller breeds. If our dog is small and he starts running, the shoes can fall off if we are not careful in choosing the sizes.

Most Durable: QUMY Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

Key Features:

  • Reflective straps
  • Wide split seam opening
  • Tough, rugged, anti-slip soles
  • High-quality fabric
  • Available in 7 sizes and 3 colors

When it comes to comfort, the QUMY Waterproof Dog Shoes delivers. The wide split seam makes it very easy to put on. The adjustable and reflective straps help ensure a snug fit while boosting our pooch’s safety at night.

The rugged sole helps keep our pooch from slipping on any slope. The shoes are sewn together, making a longer-lasting option for our pooch. However, some pet parents feel the need to use a paw balm to pacify dogs who don’t want to wear the shoes on.

Best Budget: Fantastic Zone Waterproof Shoes For Dogs

Key Features:

  • Wide split seam on the top
  • Adjustable reflective straps
  • Non-skid, water-proof soles
  • Available in 2 sizes 

These dog shoes from the Fantastic Zone store are a great alternative for pet owners with larger dogs. The shoes were designed with comfort in mind. These are lightweight, are made from flexible materials, and allow natural paw movements.

The shoes look good and are comfortable enough for dogs. We just wish these were made more durable and are available in smaller sizes.

Best Comfort: ASMPET Waterproof Dog Boots

Key Features:

  • 50% polyester and 50% rubber
  • Polar fleece inner material
  • With two adjustable reflective straps
  • Anti-slip durable soles
  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors

These waterproof dog shoes from ASMPET are comfortable, non-slip, and very easy to put on and take off thanks to the wide opening and adjustable reflective straps. We can distinguish which shoes are for the left and right feet, thanks to the dog paw embroidery on each shoe.

It is important to note that these shoes will only fit medium to large-sized dogs. It would have been better if the shoes offer better comfort and are a bit sturdier.

Best for Winter: Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

Key Features:

  • Fleece inner lining
  • Reflective straps
  • Stretchy leg cuff
  • Genuine leather soles
  • Available in 11 different sizes and 7 colors

If we are looking for great winter shoes for our pooch, then we should not forget to add Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots to our list. These are made with fleece inner lining, keeping his feet warm and cozy during the cold weather. These have genuine leather soles, which means they offer a snug but comfortable fit.

The reflective straps make it easy to find the shoes and spot out pooch at night. It would have been better if the shoes are easier to put on and if the shoes were offered at a more affordable price.

Best Disposable Dog Boots: Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Comes in 6 pairs
  • Disposable, lightweight, and durable
  • Available in 6 sizes

If we want a pair of disposable boots for our pooch, then Paws Waterproof Dog Boots is exactly what we are looking for. Each pack comes with 12 boots, and each boot can be worn at least three times before it needs a replacement. This can be a good choice if we don’t enjoy washing dog shoes, or he always misplaces his boots.

The boots are durable and are made from 100% natural rubber. Once he wears out the boots, we can toss them in the garbage guilt-free. Note that these boots are not breathable and require a bit of practice before one can get the hang of putting on the boots.

Best for Pups: Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots

Key Features:

  • Velcro fastener
  • Wide split seam
  • Good traction
  • Durable, water-resistant
  • Available in 10 sizes and 2 colors

For our senior pooch, we can rely on the Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots to get the job done. These are a comfortable set of shoes that offer nice traction, a snug fit, and water-resistant protection. The wide seams and Velcro fastener makes it fairly easy to put on and take off.

These may be available in a wide variety of sizes, but failure to pick the right size can irritate our dog’s dew claws. We just wish the soles are made thicker and more flexible as the outer soles are not tough and comfortable enough to help him walk with ease on concrete or gravel.

Best for Medium-Sized Dogs: HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes

Key Features:

  • Back ankle opening
  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Available in 7 sizes

We want our pooch to stay comfortable while taking a stroll. These waterproof dog shoes by HaveGet won’t let our pooch slip on slippery surfaces. Each shoe opens at the back, offering easy access and better comfort to his sensitive back ankle.

Each boot is stitched meticulously, adding a layer of durability and comfort. These offer a strong grip and anti-slip sole and can accommodate dogs of different sizes. We just wish the rubber sole is not that stiff since it can hurt tiny dogs’ feet.

Best for Large Dogs: Fantastic Zone Waterproof Dog Shoes

Key Features:

  • Wide split seam
  • Reflective straps
  • Soft and hand washable
  • Non-skin bottom
  • Available in 5 sizes

For our large-sized pooch, we can rely on the Fantastic Zone Waterproof Dog Shoes. The shoes have a wide split seam, making it effortless to put the boots on. The bottom is skid-free while the reflective straps keep the boots secure.

The boots are made from flexible materials, making it easy for our pooch to walk with ease on any surface. These are perfect for budget-conscious pet parents who want a pair of durable boots for dogs. The only con is that the interior of the shoes can get quite damp after dogs spend some time walking in the snow.

Benefits of Buying Dog Water Shoes

Dog water shoes are an excellent option in keeping our pooch’s paws and feet protected on many terrains. 

Protection during outdoor activities

During the rainy or winter season, he can get hurt if his feet have no protection at all. The same goes for when we are out with him enjoying many outdoor activities.

We could be out running, hiking, or camping out. He could navigate slippery rocks, rocky trails, or the winter snow. With the right shoes, he can walk and run with ease without fear.

Additional protection for older dogs and dogs with mobility issues

Some dogs develop mobility issues early on. Older dogs also tend to drag their toes as they walk. With dog shoes, our aging pooch will get additional protection and we no longer have to worry about his feet getting rubbed raw from all the dragging and walking.

Avoid winter freeze

During winter, the pavement can get extra slippery because of the snow. Snow can also stick to the hair in between his toes, turn to ice and cut his feet. For added protection, our pooch requires the right dog shoes that will make his winter a lot more fun.

Make it easy to keep the house clean

After a walk to the park, our dog’s feet can get extremely wet and dirty. By providing him with his own non-slip dog shoes, we can simply strip off the boots before allowing him back inside the house. This makes it easier for us to keep our floors dry and clean.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Water Shoes

When buying dog water shoes, there are a few considerations we should not take for granted. Some of these are as follows.


Our investment will go to waste if we simply buy him boots of any size. Most manufacturers provide a measuring guide to help us find the best fit. Getting the right size can ensure the boost will fit our pooch and he will be comfortable when wearing the shoes.

To find the right fit, we need to measure the tip of our dog’s longest nail up to the bottom of his big heel pad. If his size is in between two sizes, we can choose the larger size. Note that it is wise to trim our dog’s nails and hair to get the right size.


We want our investment to last, which means we need to invest in dog water shoes that are durable, long-lasting and made from high-quality materials. Of course, it will depend on our preferences and our pooch’s needs.

For example, we want to buy him boots that won’t require constant washing. If this is the case, we can invest in disposable boost instead. There are disposable dog shoes that are made from natural rubber which are not harmful to the environment after we dispose of them.


Some dog shoes are not rugged enough. This means these are not durable and sturdy enough to protect his sensitive paws against the cold, wet pavement and even sharp objects. We want boots that have a rugged, non-slip sole to serve as extra protection for our canine buddy.


We may not be fond of taking walks at night. But investing in dog shoes that have reflective strips will make it easier for us to spot them even when it is dark. 

Easy to put on and take off

Some dog boots are very tricky to slip on and off. Since not all dogs are patient enough and it takes a lot of getting used to before he is willing to put the shoes on, we want shoes that are effortless to put on and off but won’t slip while he is walking. Look for the right size of shoes that have wide split seams and have secure straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog need water shoes?

Our canine buddy can benefit from water shoes whenever we are out enjoying different outdoor activities. We don’t want him slipping on wet floors, rocky pavements, or slippery roads. With water shoes, we can have that peace of mind knowing he can confidently navigate any terrain without slipping and getting hurt.

Senior dogs and those with limited mobility can enjoy more comfortable walks with the right dog shoes. Our pooch will no longer injure his back feet after dragging them as he walks. With better stability and comfort, he can last longer when playing and staying in the great outdoors.

Do dogs still need to wear dog boots when the weather’s hot?

Dog boots are an excellent investment for our pooch, no matter the weather. During summer, the pavement and road can get hot and uncomfortable for our pooch. To protect his paws and feet, we need to find him the right dog boots they can use during the hot weather.

If possible, find breathable dog shoes. Our dog’s feet can sweat, especially when confined in dog boots. Breathable dog shoes will make it more comfortable for him to wear even when the weather is hot.

How do I train a dog to wear water shoes?

One thing we should keep in mind is that we should never rush our pooch into anything, not even when training him in using his water shoes. Training takes time and patience. We don’t want to scare him off by rushing the process.

We can start by putting on one shoe at a time and letting him get used to the boots. We can set up a trail of treats to lure him into walking on his boots. Make it fun and engaging until he can wear boots on all his feet.

He may look funny and awkward at first. He may not even want to move after we put the shoes on. But with a bit of coaxing, he will eventually take the first step until he gets the hang of it.

Once he can walk indoors with the boots, we can start taking him out for a walk. This might be enough to get him excited and forget about the boots. In time, he will be comfortable enough not to make a fuzz and walk straight with the shoes on. 

Are dog shoes cruel?

Some people think dog shoes are cruel. Since dogs don’t naturally wear shoes and many don’t like wearing shoes, it is natural to think our pooch doesn’t need shoes in the first place. These can also throw off his balance and friction.

There are also pet owners who only buy dog boots just to make their pets look cute and fashionable. When someone’s intention of buying dog shoes is for aesthetic purposes only, and they try to force the shoes on, then that is the time these boots become a bad 


When dog shoes are used the right way, these can help better protect our pooch against the hot or cold floors, slippery pavements, and rocky terrains. Active dogs will find it easier to stay outdoors longer and reduce risks for injury. Sick and older dogs can enjoy additional support, extra cushioning, and improved mobility.


Dog shoes may look unnatural, and dogs are not naturally drawn to them. But these offer extra protection and comfort to our pooch. These can help our pooch enjoy the great outdoors longer while protecting his feet.

Certain dogs like senior dogs and injured canines can benefit from the right dog shoes. These aids in avoiding additional injuries while offering extra support. It is because of these reasons our furry friend needs and deserves to own his own reliable dog water shoes.