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Best Dog Swimming Pools (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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Summer is a fun day for humans and pets alike. All we want is to take a dip in a pool, visit the beach, or even play at a water park. But when we haven’t got the time to travel and our home does not come with its own pool, then investing in a doggy swimming pool is good way to keep the love of our life cool and happy.

Dogs love water so much that they will play even in muddy puddles. Why not buy him his own pool to enjoy himself and save us the time and energy of cleaning him up? We can make every bath time more fun if he can splash and play in his own pool whenever he likes.

But then, the market has hundreds to thousands of pools for dogs. It is crucial that we invest in one that is safe for our canine buddy, matches our budget, and won’t give us the extra headache. The following list shows some of the top dog swimming pool choices of pet parents.

12 Best Dog Swimming Pools

Here are the best dog swimming pools:

Best Overall: YAHEETECH Red Foldable Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Durable PVC surface
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Reinforced edges
  • Non-slip texture
  • Thickened MDF
  • Convenient waterline
  • With drainage valve
  • Comes in 4 colors and 4 sizes

The YAHEETECH Red Foldable Swimming Pool is a crowd’s favorite because of its durability, easy to store, and effortless to set-up construction. Its bottom prevents our pooch from slipping while the drain plug enables us to quickly drain the pool. We just need to make sure our pooch’s nails are trimmed or else these can puncture the sides of the pool.

Best Pop Up: Petsfit Foldable and Portable Pet Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Heavy oxford cloth and polyester
  • Excellent suture quality
  • convenient to fold
  • Sturdy, structural design
  • 41 in x 12 in

If we are looking for the best pop-up dog pool in the market, then that would be the Petsfit Foldable and Portable Pet Swimming Pool. This is tough enough to withstand our canine buddy’s rambunctious play, making it a nice investment worth every penny. The only con we can find in this dog pool is that it does not come with a drain.

Best for Puppies and Short-Legged Dogs: Alcott Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Thick PVC construction
  • Puncture-resistant lining
  • Easy entry and exit
  • With bottom drain

If we don’t mind pumping an inflatable pool, we can go for the Alcott Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool. It offers easy entry for smaller dogs thanks to its curved walls. It is made with thick PVC materials but is not the perfect choice for dogs with chewing tendencies.

Best for Small and Medium-Size Dogs: FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

Key Features:

  • Extra-tough PVC construction
  • Quarter inch thick HDF board
  • Attached drain plug
  • Paneled segments
  • Sturdy side panels
  • Puncture and slip-resistant material
  • Comes in 3 sizes

Setting up, storing, and using the FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool is effortless. It is fairly durable thanks to its PVC construction, giving us peace of mind that our pooch will enjoy playing in his pool without needing to replace it soon. But then, if our pooch is a muncher, then this is not the best dog pool for him.

Best for Medium to Large-Sized Dogs: Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Extra-tough PVC material
  • Compressed paperboard
  • With Bottom side drain

Another collapsible pet swimming pool that made it on our list is the Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Swimming Pool. The pool is 8-inches deep, easily storable, and is made from extra-tough and long-lasting PVC material. The only con we found in this pet pool is that it can be a struggle to keep the plug in place.

Best For Larger Dogs: Pecute Dog Pool

Key Features:

  • High-strength, medium-density fiberboard
  • Non-toxic PVC material
  • Non-slip bottom
  • With Drainage port
  • 47 x 47 x 12 inches

If we are after a non-toxic and pet-safe dog pool that is stable, durable, and sturdy, we can consider Pecute Dog Pool. It has a cool spiral drain design, which makes draining the pool entertaining to watch. According to some reports, the customer service is the only con one can find in the product.

Most Stable Dog pool: Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Extra-tough PVC material
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Well-sealed corners
  • Built-in side-outlet for drainage
  • Comes in 4 colors and 4 sizes

The Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool is lightweight, portable, and is applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its built-in compression system helps manage our baby’s mobility while keeping the dog pool safe and stable. We just wish the plastic panels don’t crack that easily after a few uses.

Best Outdoor Swimming Pool: KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool

Key Features:

  • Industrial-strength PVC material
  • Easy twist-off cap for drainage
  • Comes in 3 sizes

The KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool is another crowd favorite worth considering. It is durable, lightweight, portable, and designed for ease of usage. The pool stays stable even during rough plays, but the size can be misleading according to some pet parents.

Most Eco-Friendly Dog Pool: Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool

Key Features:

  • Scratch-resistant PVC material
  • Double-deck bottom material
  • With a drainage hole
  • 47in X 11.8in

If we are after a dog pool that was constructed in compliance with the ASTM (USA) standards, then we can go for the Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool. The dog pool is an eco-friendly product, perfect for eco-conscious pet parents. One con we found is that the dog pool easily tilts sideways.

Best Budget: NHILES Portable Dog Bathing Tub

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly PVC material
  • Waterproof nylon cloth
  • Easy twist-off cap

We could all use an eco-friendly dog pool for our pooch like the NHILES Portable Dog Bathing Tub. It is lightweight, folds easily, and the company’s customer service is commendable. However, many pet parents had issues with the shipping.

Best Alternative: Intex Snapset Dog Pool

Key Features:

  • Plastic sidewalls
  • Vinyl bottom panel
  • 5′ X 10″ 
  • Comes in 2 styles
  • With repair patch

Intex may be known for their kiddie swimming pools, but that does not mean we can’t use the Intex Snapset Pool for our pooch. The pool measures 5 feet in diameter and is 10 inches deep and it already comes with a repair patch. The side walls are constructed from plastic while the bottom part is made with vinyl.

We don’t need to inflate the pool as it will stand on its own after filling it with water. The only thing we don’t like about this pool is the chemical smell that goes away after leaving it under the sun for a few hours.

Best for Sharing: N&M Products Foldable Dog Pool

Key Features:

  • Comes with foldable panels
  • High-grade durable materials
  • Comes in 2 colors and 5 sizes

The N&M Products Foldable Dog Pool does not require any pump, which makes it very easy for us to set up the pool for our pooch. This is available in 5 sizes and 2 colors, which makes it perfect for small and large dogs alike. The bigger sizes can also be perfect for sharing if we have 2 medium-sized canines.

The foldable panels make the pool easy to fold and store. We just wish it comes in other colors and that it can hold dogs over 200 lbs.

Benefits of Using a Swimming Pool for Dogs

Swimming pools for dogs offer more than just a great way to ward off heat during the summer months. This can also be the best way to teach our dog to swim. If we don’t have our own pool, then a dog pool will suffice.

Swimming is a significant activity for dogs. This is perfect if our pooch loves to swim and is a little bundle of energy. He can get his daily exercise by paddling and   get used to the water before we introduce him to bigger pools or bodies of water.

Pools for dogs are also a great way to clean our pooch outdoors. If we have no bathtub and unclogging the drain full of dog hair is something we hate doing, then swimming pools for dogs can be our perfect solution. We can even use this to treat our pooch with a medicated bath to treat his sensitive skin.

Safety Tips When Using a Dog Pool

Not all dogs are good at using a swimming pool. This is why we need to take extra precautions to avoid him from getting hurt while using a dog pool. Here’s how.

Buy the right dog pool in the right size

It is not enough that we buy a dog pool that will serve its purpose. We also need to buy one that is the right size for our pooch. It has to be big, wide and deep enough to accommodate his activities and durable enough to resist his chewing and scratching tendencies.

Invest in obedience training

We need to make sure our pooch knows basic commands before allowing him to play in his pool. This will make it easier for us to ensure his safety, even if he has a shallow pool. Commands like come, stay, sit, or lie down are helpful in keeping our pooch safe while using his pool.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Swimming Pools

Ease of entry

Some dogs have shorter legs, which makes it harder and more dangerous to jump high. We need to consider how he can easily get in and out of the pool without our help. So, if our pooch is small and has short legs, we want a pool that he will find easy to access whenever he wants.


Some dogs are more active than the others. If we have a senior dog, calm dog, one with mobility issues, or one that is not that a chewer or scratcher, then we can go for an inflatable pool made with PVC. But for hyperactive dogs and those with chewing and scratching tendencies, we will require a dog pool made from strong polymer materials.


We should never take size for granted when choosing any pet supply for our pooch. When it comes to dog pools, we need one that can give him enough space to move around. The height should be tall enough to immerse his body without putting his well-being at risk.

Amount of Supervision

It is best not to leave our pooch unattended when he is playing in his dog pool. This way, we can offer support in case he gets in trouble. But if we cannot commit to supervise him full time, then we need to invest in a shallow or wading pool.


What is our purpose for getting a swimming pool for our pooch? It is merely to give him something that can help ward off heat or for him to learn how to swim? Considering our reason for getting him, one will help us decide what kind of pool and its dimensions are worth investing in.

Types of Swimming Pools for Dogs

When buying a pool for our best friend, we have the option to buy a wading pool, an inflatable pool, or a swimming pool.


Not all pet owners like the idea of blowing a pool every time their pooch wants to play in the water. But if we don’t mind the extra effort, we can go for an inflatable pool. He can use this for both swimming and wading, depending on the size and dimensions.

We just need to make sure we cut our dog’s nails before letting him use an inflatable pool. This is also not the best choice if our dog has scratching or chewing tendencies.


For our pooch that only wants his body half-immersed in the water, then we choose a wading or paddling pool. This is a good choice if our pooch prefers lounging in the pool during hot weather and if we have tons of things to do and we can’t fully keep an eye on him as he plays in the water.


Not that not all pools for dogs are meant for swimming. We need to invest in a reliable swimming pool if he loves swimming or we want him to learn how to swim in our backyard. For swimming pools for dogs, we need to choose one that can give him enough space, be deep enough for him to paddle, and can hold his weight and splashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for dogs to swim in swimming pools?

Dogs are safer in dog swimming pools since these are smaller in sizes and are not that deep than regular pools. Our pooch can learn his doggie strokes while having fun in the pool. It is easier to supervise dogs in dog swimming pools than regular pools.

What type of pool is best for dogs?

The best type of pool for dogs is one that can accommodate their preferred water activities. For instance, if he prefers swimming, then a swimming pool is a better option. He can easily do his doggie strokes since swimming pools are deep enough to accommodate his height.

If our pooch prefers wading, then a wading pool is a better option. He can sit or lie down and enjoy the water minus the risk of drowning. But if our pooch prefers both, and he is not hyperactive, we can settle for an inflatable pool instead.

How much is a dog pool?

Dog pools are priced depending on the quality materials used, and manufacturer. Dog swimming pools in the market can cost between $25 and $100 or more. We can also opt for kiddie swimming pools for our pooch if we prefer this over pools advertised for dogs.

How long can dogs swim for?

Experts suggest keeping his swimming sessions short, especially if this is his first time swimming. The maximum should be 10 minutes to avoid water toxicity. Give our canine buddy rest period in between to give him time to breathe and rest.

Why should I buy a dog swimming pool?

Dog swimming pools are designed to accommodate dog’s love of swimming. These are a lot more durable and long lasting compared to regular kiddie pools. We can teach our pooch to swim before letting him enjoy a full-sized swimming pool with us.

Dogs shed hair, and this is one thing many parents hate having in their own pools. Regular pools also come with lots of chemicals that can be dangerous if he accidentally drinks some. With a dog swimming pool, we can have better peace of mind knowing our pooch can enjoy the water in summer minus the risk of drowning.

How do I get my dog in the pool?

Most dogs would simply jump right in after seeing a pool filled with water. But for others, they need more encouragement before getting accustomed to the pool. We can start by introducing the pool to our pooch and letting him inspect it.

While filling the pool with water, we can call him near the pool and give him treats for following our guide. We can then encourage them to try out the pool by stepping into the pool ourselves. We can also try playing in the pool with him until he is comfortable enough to get in the pool on his own.

Do I need to buy pool ramps for my dog?

If the pool is big and our pooch is having a hard time getting in and out of it, we can invest in a dog ramp. This way, he no longer needs our help to enjoy the pool. We can also buy a pool with lower sides to enable our pooch to enter minus a ramp.


Swimming pools for dogs are a great investment because of their numerous benefits. Our canine buddy  can use this to fight off the summer heat, have fun in the water, and even enjoy a meditated bath. But then, our dog’s safety will always be our priority, which is why we need to find the right dog pool before buying.

Not all dog pools in the market are created equal. We need to consider the size, materials used, our purpose for buying, the ease of entry, and if we can commit to supervise him fully when using the pool or not. We also need to make sure to keep swimming pool safety tips in mind before letting him enjoy his new pool.

When buying any pool for our pooch, we need to find one that can accommodate his needs and can fit our budget. Thankfully, there are many pools in the market that are of high-quality but won’t break our bank. Just take all extra precautions when letting our pooch use his pool.