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The 9 Best Flea Collars for Dogs in 2023

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Pet owners are often faced with a pest problem, namely, fleas. These pests can make your pooch uncomfortable and even ruin their health. One great way to avoid these is by investing in the right dog flea collar.

But since not flea collars are created equal, it helps to do your research before you buy one. You would want an effective flea collar that fits your favorite pet, offers long-lasting and immediate protection and is safe for dogs.

To make your search an easier one, here’s a quick look at the best dog flea collars loved by vets and pet parents alike.

9 Best Flea Collars for Dogs

Best Overall: Bayer Animal Health Flea Collar

Key Features:

  • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, flea larvaes, and lice
  • Odorless
  • Non-greasy
  • Offers 8 months’ worth of protection
  • Comes in 2 sizes

Pet parents are in love with the Bayer Animal Health Flea Collar. Thanks to its smart design, it starts to repel ticks, fleas, flea larvae, and lice within 24 hours of application. It comes in 2 sizes and offers up to 8 months’ worth of protection.

We can trust this flea collar to protect larger dogs. It is robust enough and can stay in place even if your pooch is quite active and vigorous. The best thing about this flea collar is that it is effective despite its affordable price.

Runner-Up: Primova Flea Collar

Key Features:

  • Natural formula (w/ essential oils)
  • Repels ticks, mosquitos, fleas, and 500+ species of insects
  • Allergy-free
  • Waterproof
  • No-mess
  • Non-greasy
  • Long Lasting protection
  • Offers 8 months’ worth of protection

Every pet parent wants the best for their pets, even when it comes to their pets’ flea collar. If you are after one that is made from natural formula and essential oils, then the Primova Flea Collar is the answer to your prayers. It contains clove oil, lemongrass oil, thyme oil, castor oil, and peppermint oil.

The company claims the collar can repel ticks, fleas, flea larvae, and mosquitoes along with 500+ species of insects. It is waterproof, non-greasy, offers long-lasting protection, and has a no-mess formula.

Best Value: Sobaken Flea Collar

Key Features:

  • Fits all dogs
  • Protects against ticks, fleas, flea larvae, sarcoptic mange, and chewing lice
  • Waterproof
  • Economical
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Offers 8 months’ worth of protection

The Sobaken Flea Collar is another go-to option for pet parents needing a reliable flea collar for their canine buddies. This economical and functional flea treatment ensures your pooch will stay itch-free 24/7 for up to 8 months.

This flea collar fits all sizes and is already waterproof and hypoallergenic. This is made by a green company, which can satisfy any eco-conscious pet parent’s requirements. They are also donating $3 for every dollar sold to organizations that aim to save animals.

Best for Small Dogs: Seresto Flea And Tick Collar

Key Features:

  • Convenient
  • Odorless
  • Non-greasy
  • Kills and repels ticks, fleas, lices, and sarcoptic mange
  • Offers 8 months’ worth of protection
  • Comes in 2 sizes

Another favorite flea collar of many pet parents is the Seresto Flea And Tick Collar. It is just the right size for smaller dogs. With this flea collar, you don’t need to worry about any smell of odor that will irritate your pooch’s sense of smell.

This is another natural remedy you can use if you are against chemical-filled flea collars. The collar is very easy to apply and is priced economically. You won’t have to worry about fleas and ticks for the next 8 months after investing in this collar for your canine buddy.

Best for Larger Dogs: Lordddon Flea And Tick Prevention Collar

Key Features:

  • With saw-like teeth
  • Natural formula
  • Fits all dog breeds
  • 8 months’ worth of 24/7 protection against ticks & fleas
  • Waterproof
  • Non-greasy
  • Hypoallergenic

The Lordddon Collar ensures your pooch stays tick and flea-free for up to 8 months. It has an all-natural formula and prevents allergy.

Its saw-like teeth ensure the collar stays in place. It is 26-inches in length, which means you can custom-fit the collar to your pooch’s neck. It is already waterproof and non-greasy, making it a good choice for its price.

Best Flea Collar for All Sizes: Adams Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs

Key Features:

  • 24/7 flea and tick control and treatment
  • Provides protection for up to 7 months
  • Adjustable
  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective outer layer

There are many ways to prevent your pooch from suffering from fleas and ticks. The Adams Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs promises up to 7 months of flea and tick protection for your pooch. It is fully adjustable, which means this is a good flea collar no matter the size of your pooch’s neck.

It also has reflective features that reflect light for up to 450 feet. It is water-resistant and remains effective even after getting wet a few times. This is a great option to support your own tick and flea prevention strategies.

Best Reflective Flea Collar: Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea And Tick Collar

Key Features:

  • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae
  • 7 months’ worth of protection
  • With reflective technology
  • Fresh scented
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in 2 sizes

For pet parents who love to take their pooch for a walk even during gloomy conditions, then this is the perfect flea and tick collar for you. It has a reflective technology that can reflect light for up to 450 feet. It can repel and kill fleas and ticks for up to 7 months.

It is already water-resistant and is safe for dogs 12 weeks and up. It can fit even larger dog breeds that have necks that measure up to 26 inches. This is one of the most sought-after flea collars in the market thanks to its reflective and effective features.

Best Natural Flea and Tick Collar: Arava Collar

Key Features:

  • Chemical-free solution
  • Contains active herbal ingredients and essential oils
  • Patented micro-injection technology
  • 6 months’ worth of protection
  • Soothing natural scent
  • Waterproof
  • Money-back Guarantee

For a natural and chemical-free way of repelling fleas and ticks, you can consider the Arava Collar. It is made 100% from active herbal ingredients. It also contains essential oils like geranium, peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, rosemary, castor, soybean, citronella, and Eastern red cedar.

This botanical collar is perfect for small to large dog breeds. It is effective in preventing fleas and ticks for up to 7 months. It has a soothing natural scent that promotes relaxation in dogs.

Best for Ticks: Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs

Key Features:

  • Adjustable
  • Kills ticks and common types of insects for 3 months
  • For dogs 12 weeks and up

If ticks are your problem, then trust the Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs to do a great job in helping you prevent tick issues with your canine buddy. This is one of the best tick collars in the market. It offers up to 3 months’ worth of protection against ticks and other common types of insects.

It runs up to 18 inches and can fit dogs up to 60 lbs. Its active ingredient is Amitraz. Since the collar is not waterproof, remember to take the collar off before allowing your fido to play in the water.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Flea Collars 


Most collars are adjustable. But it helps to read the label and make sure you measure your dog’s neck before buying. This way, your pooch stays comfortable while wearing the collar.


It is best to stick to collars with no harmful ingredients and chemicals. If you want, you can opt for an all-natural flea collar. These usually contain essential oils that have added benefits.

Long-lasting Results

Some collars offer 3 months’ worth of protection against ticks. The longer the protection, the better. It is best to stick to flea collars that can last up to 8 months so you can avoid having to buy another one after only a few months.

Fast-acting Results

Some collars start working within 48 hours after use. You can invest in this or opt for a faster-working collar that works only after 24 hours of application. This way, you can have that peace of mind only after a day of buying him the collar.


Of course, you would not want to ignore your favorite’s safety. So, make sure to buy a collar of the right size and is made from natural non-harmful ingredients. Check the reviews from vets and other pet parents.

Age of Dog

There is an age limit as to how old dogs can safely use flea collars. More often than not, you can safely use flea collars for dogs aged 12 weeks and up. For best results, read the instructions. 

Parasites to Repel

Some collars can only repel fleas and ticks. Others offer protection against other insects like mosquitoes and other pet pests. Consider your pooch’s needs to give yourself a better idea of what kind of collar to buy.

Life Stage Targeted

Some flea collars can stop fleas in their tracks after hatching. Others can kill the eggs of these pests to prevent them from hatching. It would be better if you can stop both young and adult pests from ruining your pet’s health and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog flea collar?

Dog flea collars work much like any other collar for dogs, but better. Unlike regular collars, they offer protection like no other. Dog flea collars protect dogs against pests like ticks, fleas, and other insects.

Do dog flea collars actually work?

Yes. Some flea collars are effective in preventing and repelling pests like fleas and ticks from wreaking havoc in a dog’s life. Dogs of all sizes provided your pooch is older than 3 months, can safely use a dog flea collar.


When looking for a dog flea collar, make sure you keep this list in mind. You want something that will last long and starts working immediately after fitting into your dog’s neck. It is best to choose one that is made from natural and safe ingredients for dogs.

Since this is no easy task, you can simply rely on this list. It contains the basics of choosing a flea collar and a list of the best ones in the market. Now, you can have that peace of mind knowing your doggo has long-lasting flea protection after investing in one of the best dog flea collars in the market.