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Best Dog Dryers in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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The last thing you want after bathing your beloved pooch is for him to leave paw prints all over the floor and their damp smell everywhere. 

With a pet dryer, you can effectively dry him up and get him ready for cuddles after bath time. But with all the pet dryers in the market, what is worth your investment and why?

To help you make the right choice, here’s a review of the best pet dryers available.

10 Best Dog Dryers

Best Overall: SHELANDY Stepless Pet Dryer

Key Features:

  • 2400W adjustable
  • Voltage 110/120V
  • 65MPH-135MPH airflow
  • With noise reduction technology
  • 2 heating temperature options
  • Flexible hose
  • With 4 types of nozzles
  • Comes in 2 colors
  • One-year Warranty

It is easy to see why pet parents are in love with the SHELANDY Stepless Pet Dryer. It is designed with noise reduction technology and a powerful and stable motor for faster and no-fuss drying. Now, even anxious dogs will enjoy being dried up with the pet dryer.

It comes with a flexible hose that expands for up to 73 inches. It has 2 heating options and adjustable airflow to fit the size of your pooch. This pet dryer also comes with 4 nozzles, making it easier to choose that best suits every pet’s hair.

Runner-Up: Flying Pig High-Velocity Pet Dryer

Key Features:

  • Steel shell construction
  • With 10 ft. flexible Hose
  • With 2 nozzles & a filter
  • 2 heating options
  • 12.72 amps
  • 110V/60 Cycle
  • 1 Year Warrant
  • Comes in 3 colors

The Flying Pig High-Velocity Pet Dryer is another quality pet dryer you can consider for your pooch. It has a super-strong construction and a powerful motor. It is only over 11 pounds and is protected by its steel shell construction.

The hose expands for up to 10 ft, helping you get around your pooch no matter how hard it is for him to stay still. It has 2 heating options that you can choose from. It already comes with 2 nozzles and a filter, ensuring an efficient drying session after every bath.

Best for Dogs With Thick Coat: Air Force Commander Two-Speed Dryer

Key Features:

  • 4.0 Peak H.P.
  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • 2-speed operation
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Rated 110V
  • One-year Warranty

Dogs with thick coats take too long to dry. With the Air Force Commander Two-Speed Dryer, you can cut your pet’s drying time by up to 75%. This is the company’s promise.

Thanks to its powerful motor, 2-speed operation, and efficient heating, drying dogs with the thickest coat is no longer a pain in the neck. Its rugged all-steel construction ensures that the dryer will last long. Don’t let your eyes fool you as this industrial-grade-looking dryer is lightweight and portable.

Best Budget: B-Air Dog Dryer

Key Features:

  • With 4 nozzles
  • 2-speed switch
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • ETL certified 

The B-Air Dog Dryer comes in 3 beautiful colors, adding fun to your canine buddy’s drying session. It has 2-speed switches, allowing you to hasten your drying speed as needed. There are 4 nozzles included in the set, giving you lots of options when drying the canine of the house.

The power cord measures 10 feet, giving you lots of room to maneuver. It also runs cool, making it the perfect choice if you have a pet that I resistant to heat. This can be your go-to dryer of choice if you are running low on budget but is after an efficient dryer for dogs.

Best for Larger Dogs: Shernbao High-Velocity Pet Dryer

Key Features:

  • Dual motor design
  • Adjustable speed dial 
  • With 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose
  • With 3 different nozzles
  • Has 2 air filters
  • 12month warranty

The Shernbao High-Velocity Pet Dryer is one of those dryers that delivers. Marketed as a high-velocity pet dryer, this indeed can cut your drying time by up to 70%. It offers a huge variety of speeds ranging from 4921 FPM to 68,000 FPM.

It has a dual motor that can dry larger dogs even during winter. It has 3 nozzles and 2 air filters included in the package. This pet dryer is so powerful it is also one of the favorites of pet groomers around the country.

Crowd’s Favorite: Flying One Dog Dryer With Heater

Key Features:

  • Steel shell construction
  • 10 ft hose
  • 2 nozzles and filter
  • 81F to 160F temperature
  • 12.72 amps
  • 110V/60 Cycle
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • 1-year warranty

Believe it or not, the Flying One Dog Dryer With Heater passed every pet parent’s test with flying colors. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon and has over 1,300 ratings. Its stainless steel construction and powerful motor ensure quick and efficient drying no matter the season.

It has a long hose that extends for up to 10 ft. It already comes with 2 different nozzles and filters. With this dryer, you can trust your favorite canine buddy to get the drying treatment he deserves.

Best Dryer/Grooming Kit: Bissell BARKBATH QT – Portable Pet Dryer

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 (pet dryer and grooming system)
  • With grooming brush (shedding and dematting)
  • With pet nail clipper/trimmer with safety guard and file
  • Training steps provided
  • With specially designed nozzles
  • 4 inches hose length
  • 12 ft power cord
  • Comes in 2 variants

If you want an all-in-one grooming system for your pooch, then consider the Bissell BARKBATH QT – Portable Pet Dryer to be your next investment. It has a portable dog bath and grooming system complete with a grooming brush and nail clippers/trimmers. This has everything you might need to bathe and groom your pooch during your free time.

You no longer need to buy separate grooming tools just to dry, brush his hair, or cut his nails. The company promises to donate up to 10 dollars for every product you purchase. This dog bath and grooming system come in handy if you are after an all-in-1 portable system for your canine buddy.

Most Creatively Designed Pet Dryer: iPettie Pet Hair Dryer

Key Features:

  • Creative 2-in-1 design
  • Whisper-Quiet
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • Weighs 13 ounces
  • Comes in 2 variants

Looking for a dryer that doubles as a groomer? Look no further as the iPettie Pet Hair Dryer is here to save the day. For pet parents struggling to dry and brush their pets, this is the answer to your prayers.

It has a lower setting proven to protect the dog’s hair from getting burned. This unique 2-in-1 solution allows you to remove matted hair while drying your canine buddy. Its whisper-quiet technology ensures seven of the most anxious dogs will feel calm under the iPettie Pet Hair Dryers watch.

Best Portable Pet Dryer: METRO Air Force Quick Draw Dryer

Key Features:

  • Air concentrator nozzle
  • All-steel construction
  • 18,000 ft./min. airflow
  • With shoulder strap and mounting hook
  • Air flare tool
  • 12 ft. heavy-duty, 3 conductor cord
  • Made in the US

Not all pet dryers are as portable as the METRO Air Force Quick Draw Dryer. It weighs only 3.1 lbs, has a compact housing, and is easy to handle. This is one of your best options if you want a pet dryer that you can take on trips.

Its smaller motor is contained in an all-steel housing. It has a 6 ft. stretch hose and a 12 ft. conductor cord. It also comes with a shoulder strap and mounting hook.

Best Value: B-Air Grizzly Dryer

Key Features:

  • 3 different angles of airflow
  • With optional 4th position airflow
  • With 3 speeds
  • 9.8 Amps
  • With safety locks
  • ETL certified
  • Anti-skid rubber 
  • Comes in 3 colors

The B-Air Grizzly Dryer is a power velocity dryer best used for drying dogs in cages. It comes in 3 colors and a good range of speed settings. There are 3 airflow angles to choose from.

There is a 4th position airflow to efficiently dry your pooch. It is both lightweight and stackable. The guarantee gives you a 1-year warranty, giving you 1 year worth of free worries after investing.

Different Types of Dog Dryers

Most pet dryers come in 2 types. One is a portable that is the compacted version of what you see in a pet groomer’s office and the other one is similar to your own hairdryer.

Stronger pet dryers are the usual choice of professional groomers and pet parents with dogs that have more and thicker hair. The hose is attached to the drum. Multiple nozzles are often included in the pack depending on the brand and model.

There are also so-called cage dryers. These are attached to your dog’s crate and dry the dog’s hair by blowing warm air inside. This is a good choice for pet parents who don’t have time to dry their pets themselves.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Dryers


All pet parents want a long-lasting pet dryer. So, make sure you consider the materials used to gauge its durability. It is best to read reviews and choose metal dryers as these tend to be more durable than those made from plastics.

Ease of Use

Not all pet dryers are easy to use. If you have a pet that loves to play around during drying time, choose one with a longer power cord and hose for ease of use. If you and your pet are always on the road, you want something that is lightweight, portable and has a long hose.

Air Volume and Speed

Dogs have more sensitive skin and can’t tolerate higher heat settings. So, be careful when choosing a pet dryer. You want one that has adjustable speeds so you can be sure that your pooch won’t be harmed during your drying sessions.


Not all dogs are afraid of the vacuum-like sounds of pet dryers. But if you have quite an anxious dog, stick to one with a quieter drying system. The last thing you want is to stress him out just because you want to fully dry him up.


Some pet dryers are more powerful and can compete with those used by professional pet groomers. Just because one dryer claims to have a higher HP does not mean that is already your best choice. This can cause the motor to overheat so make sure to read reviews before buying.

Hoses and Attachments

Pet parents assume that the longer the hose, the better. But what some fail to realize is that this can make it harder for them to store the dryer. Consider your storage space and the size of your pooch To make sure you are making the right choice.

There are pet dryers that come with attachments. This can include filters and nozzles. These can help you dry those hard-to-reach areas and even make it easier to dry his face.


Since you are dealing with hair, your pet dryer can get clogged with hair, fur, and dirt. You’ll want one that has removable filters to make it easier for you to clean and maintain the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a human dryer on my dog?

Human dryers can hurt your dog’s sensitive skin since these are often set at a hotter setting. This is why a pet dryer is a good investment. These have a much cooler heat setting but can still dry your dog’s thick hair.

Most come with free nozzles, which help diffuse air widely. Some even come with brushes at the tip. This enables you to dry and groom him at the same time.

Why do I need a dog dryer?

A dog dryer will help you safely dry your pooch after bath time. You can cut the drying time by up to 75%. With the right pet dryer, you can have the assurance that he gets the full grooming treatment after each bath.

How do I use a dog dryer on my wet dog?

In general, there are 3 steps you can take to dry your pooch with a pet dryer. Here’s how you can do this.

Step 1. Prep his for drying. Remove excess water on his body using a dry towel.

Step 2. Introduce the dryer by using it on his back and feet first. Slowly move your way up using slow and short motions. Start with drying the skin, working your way out towards the outer hair.

Step 3. Quickly dry his head and ears, making sure to dry his ears with his ears folded forwards. Be careful when drying the head. It is best to reduce the heat setting and place the dryer further away to avoid bombarding him with heat in the face.

What kind of dryers do dog groomers use?

Dog groomers use stronger pet dryers that can dry even the thickest of fur. The only difference is that the dryers pet groomers use to have a stronger motor and are not portable. If you bathe your pooch on a regular basis, then you can consider one that is similar to that of your pet groomer. 


With a pet dryer, you no longer need to put your pet at risk of hypothermia by waiting for his hair to dry naturally. The key is to find an effective pet dryer that will match your dog’s requirements. With this list, you will be able to choose from the best options in the market.